Happy Birthday Gemma!!!

One year ago today, our beautiful niece Gemma was born.

It’s amazing how quickly one year can go by! It’s been hard being far away as she’s been growing up, and we know it won’t get any easier.

Gemma, today’s for you, and a great celebration of your life so far! We’re looking forward to sharing many other firsts with you as you continue to grow! Know that even though we’re not there, we love you more than anything and can’t wait to be closer to spend more time with you! Happy 1st birthday!!!

“The only rule is don’t be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in.” – Paris Hilton

I’m trying to find my sense of style, and it’s not as easy as I had hoped it would be.

I’ve always gone for comfort over any sort of style or fashion (my sister would whole heartedly agree). But, now that I’m married and have a real job that forces me to come in contact with a bunch of people (whether it be at the office or on the bus), I want to stand out… but not in an offensive way. I want to look good.

So, I’m on the search for the perfect wardrobe. I spent some time this morning going through a couple of sites looking for things that I would love to have (if money wasn’t an option). I know I didn’t look everywhere, but here’s an inspiration board of what I did find:

The good thing is that I have a few of these pieces already (the khakis, a couple of the layering tanks), so I just need to build on it. The look is definitely still casual (so I won’t over-dress work), but has a bit of a fresh feel to it. Who knows though.. I always seem to get these ideas of what I’d like to wear, but when it comes time to actually buy things, I can’t find anything I like.

Scott has it so easy… a couple pairs of shorts, a style of shirt that fits well, bought in every color they make and shoes.

I’ll definitely keep you posted on my wardrobe update.

a)Anthropologie b)JCrew c)Anthropologie d)Anthropologie
e)BR f)Etsy g)JCrew h)Anthropologie
i)JCrew j)Gap k)JCrew l)Anthropologie
m)Anthropologie n)Anthropologie o)JCrew p)JCrew

The beginning…

I’ve tried to blog a few times, mostly unsuccessfully now, for the past year and a half or so. I can’t seem to find a focus for it, or I lose track of the days and weeks that have gone by since my last update. I first started this blog in March of 2010. I had no idea what I would blog about (and, you can see from my first few blog posts that I really had NO clue and they were pretty boring), but figured being so far away from family and friends it would be a good way to keep everyone updated on what’s going on with us. That was until I found my focus – a journey to a better, more well-rounded version of myself. But who am I, and who are the important people in my life?

I’m Jessica and I’m a late 20-something newlywed. I’m from a small town in SW Virginia who’s lived all over – from VA to PA for undergrad, from PA to AL for grad school and from AL to CO for a boy (and, ok, a job). I grew up playing sports and performing music, have always had a love for exciting weather and a place in my heart for animals. I would do anything for any of my friends and family, and try to make the best out of anything that’s dealt to me – even though I struggle with that sometimes.

On August 1, 2009, I married my best friend – Scott. We met in grad school at UAHuntsville in the Fall of 2006. We became friends, “un-friends”, friends again, started our relationship and got engaged and married. Since the beginning life has thrown a lot our way – medical emergencies, deaths, births, big moves and new jobs – but we’ve grown a lot, both together and individually.

We live in Denver, CO, and work in Boulder: me for the National Center for Atmospheric Research, he for Colorado State University, doing research with NOAA. We sometimes get to commute together and that makes the 35-40 minute commute bearable. We have two cats – both as opposite as you can get – and live across the street from Coors Field. We love enjoying the sights and sounds and spring-fall weather here, not to mention trying all sorts of new restaurants that we find along the way.

Right now, we’re both at a major cross-roads with our jobs. He’s in a position that ends this fall, and I haven’t been happy in my job for awhile. So we’re trying to find the best opportunity for our future, whether that be staying here in CO or moving back east. Only time will tell. So for now, we’re trying to get the most out of our time here.

Updated: May 17, 2010