Baby M Number 2: Weeks 21/22

You know those weeks that are blurs because you got knocked on your butt with an awful, awful cold (or something else – I’m not entirely sure)?  That would be what I just went through.  Shew was it tough.  Thankfully this was the first actual illness I’ve had all winter, so I’m so very lucky (S was the one who rolled the stomach bug dice when T got it back in December).


Anyway, I can’t believe two more weeks of this pregnancy have gone by.  It feels so slow, but looking back, I’m already 22 weeks (ok, tomorrow. But close enough).


Here is 21/22 week bump:


Top: Motherhood Maternity. Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft. Pants: Gap Maternity cropped pants Earrings: Premier Design


How far along? 22 weeks

Baby size: According to my Ovia App, a baby bok choy (but about to change!).  About 11 inches in length, and pound in weight!

Weight gain: Still holding steady around 6 lbs.  I know this week I’ve been eating less due to said cold, so I might be down a little.

Workouts: Still nothing.  With the nice weather coming up this weekend, I’m excited to spend sometime outdoors.

Maternity Clothes: Definitely.

Stretch Marks: Nothing additional that I can see.

Sleep: Sleep related to pregnancy – not a problem.  Sleep related to cold – a whole different story.

Gender: It’s… a….

IMG_1526-Cropped  20150310_093224

GIRL!  Very excited to add a sweet girl to our family!  And T is very excited to meet her – she can’t stop talking about her!  The reveal boxes went over really well too!  I wish I had pictures of their faces, but their emotional phone calls were even more than I could have hoped for.  Everyone is excited!

Movement: Definitely now.  She went from very little to a lot and being able to feel it externally almost over night.

Food cravings: I want everything sweet now.  Especially milkshakes.  But I can keep the cravings at bay.

Aversions: None

Labor signs: None

What I miss: Nothing really.  Last time I said a good beer, but I’ll admit I’ve had a couple of half glasses and it makes me happy.

Symptoms: With this cold and all the coughing I’ve been doing, I’ve had a couple instances of (so embarrassing to admit) leakage.  Guess I need to do more kegels.  Round ligament pain has also been continuing with the coughing.  I also have placenta previa (meaning my placenta is too close to my cervix) so we go back in early April to be re-imaged to see if it’s moved (and to get a couple of additional photos since baby girl wouldn’t wake up!)

Nursery: Curtains are in!  I started a very small registry to keep track of other things (crib sheets), but the needs are still the same: paint and curtain rods.

Belly button, in or out: In.

Wedding rings, on or off: On

Mood: Exhausted and cranky from lack of sleep.  But it seems to be getting better.

Best moment this week: This week has been hard to see the good things since I’ve felt rough.  However, this morning, T was laying in bed and I was telling her how much I love her.  She grabbed my chin and said “I love you too, munchkin”.  The things this girl says sometimes.

Looking forward to: A beautiful weekend.  And feeling 100% again 🙂  The latter will come.

Revealing a baby’s sex – from across the miles

While I’d love to think that all of our friends would be excited about a gender reveal party, I know that’s not likely the case.  Our family, however, is very excited to hear the news!


(ok, ok – our friends are excited too, but nothing that we need to throw a party for)


When we were expecting T, I set up deliveries with local florists a few days before, and S called them both and told them which of the two we’d need to send.  It was exciting and they had no idea the flowers were coming!


This time around, I wanted to do something different, but I couldn’t figure out what to do that wouldn’t have us wait for up to a week or cost a ton (this still wasn’t a super cheap option, but if you’re better with a sewing machine than I am, it could be done much cheaper!).  So after doing some research and chatting with my friend Amy, I decided to make two boxes and mail them ahead of time, one containing a bowtie and the other containing a hairbow.  Then, once we know, we’ll tell them which box to open.  And besides, who doesn’t like opening presents?


All in all, the project cost around $75 to send to both of our families.  The mailer, two boxes and box stuffing all came from The Container Store and cost about $17.  I had the tissue paper that I used to wrap up the gifts, as well as the jute string and tags.


I whipped up the little signs to go in there, just in case they didn’t understand what we were getting at.  I saw the cards from a Facebook post recently and I thought they were adorable (not to mention quick to make).



I ordered the headbands from Little Roo’s Boutique and the bowties from Toma’s Tutu and Things (By the way, Little Roo’s is my go to for headbands – so so cute!), for a total of just over $40.  I figure which ever isn’t used, we can give to other friends who are expecting!  Each box was around $6 to ship – I wanted to be able to track it and get there quickly, so they went Priority Mail.


I even got T in on the action – and despite her look, she’s actually really excited to find out if she’ll have a little brother or sister!

IMG_1527-Cropped   IMG_1526-Cropped

We’re very excited to find out what this kiddo is – and we’re down to less than a week before we find out!

Baby M number 2: Week 19

When I was pregnant with T, I was not good about keeping up with how things were changing.  I remember a bunch at the end because things were very different than what I thought they were going to be, but this time, I want to enjoy being pregnant and remember (since we’re planning for this to be our last).

So, let’s get this party started!


Top: Pink Blush maternity. Jeans: Old Navy Skinny. Necklace: Premier Designs


How far along? 19.5 weeks

Baby size: According to my Ovia App (which is fantastic by the way!), a zucchini.  About 6 inches in length, and about a half pound in weight!  So exciting!

Weight gain: I think I’m up about 6 pounds or so.  Not too bad.

Workouts: None.  I finally think I’m coming out of my horrible morning sickness, and after The Bachelor finale next week, I hope to get back to Pilates.  And taking some walks.

Maternity Clothes: Definitely.

Stretch Marks: Very, very small ones at the top of my stomach/sternum area.  I’ve been using a combo of Lavender and Frankincense essential oils to combat them (as well as these pesky red dots that showed up when I was pregnant with T).  I’m going to whip up a cream this weekend so it’s easier to apply.  Hopefully I’ll remember to get a recipe down so I can share it 🙂

Sleep: Doing pretty good.  I’m still going to bed relatively early and mostly sleeping through the night.  I get up occasionally – but it’s not consistent.

Gender: Not yet!  Next week!! Most OWT point to another sweet girl, but with how different this pregnancy has been, a boy wouldn’t surprise me. We’ll see SO SOON!!!

Movement: I know it’s happening, because this kiddo will not cooperate for any attempt at hearing it’s heartbeat.  I don’t feel too much, but I was told that the placenta is in front.  When I do feel movement, it’s really low or on the sides, so it makes sense.

Food cravings: None really.

Aversions: None either – I didn’t have any this time around!  But whether I wanted to eat in general or not, that was a different story.

Labor signs: None – too early for that.  But I do believe I’ve had my first Braxton Hicks.

What I miss: Just a good beer.  I’ll have sips of S’s or friends, but there are just some nights I’d love to unwind with a nice big Stout.  All worth it, of course 🙂

Symptoms: Nausea still comes and goes, mostly in the afternoon.  It’s not as severe as it was, but it’s hanging around.  Headaches are also a common occurrence, and round ligament pain (a new symptom I didn’t have with T).  But, all comforting things, if you can call them that

Nursery: I’ve got it all designed and have been picking up pieces slowly.  The last two big items are paint for the walls and curtain rods.  I have the art in frames and curtains on order.  We’ll paint the room sometime in April probably.

Belly button, in or out: In.

Wedding rings, on or off: On

Mood: Well, T’s 3.  What more do I need to say.

Best moment this week: At church on Sunday during Children’s Moments, our pastor was talking about a baby doll.  He asked if any of the kids had a new baby coming.  T jumped up and raised her hand.  It made my heart melt to see her so excited for a sibling.

Looking forward to: Our scan next week!   I want to hear that baby is healthy and hopefully find out if we’re having a little boy or another girl.  I’m also looking forward to sending out the gender reveal boxes to our parents – I’ll be sure to share them because it’s hard to share the sex of the baby across the miles in a unique way.



A new season…

Today marks the beginning of the Lenten season – a time for reflection and meditation.  Life has been very busy lately, as life tends to get with a full time job and a 3 year old (yes, she’s now 3.  Time has flown).  And, add this in the mix, and it’s been even more challenging:


We’re very exciting for all of the new changes coming to us in the next 4.5-5 months, but with that comes some re-evaluating of everything – the amount of items we have, the amount of money we spend, etc.

So with Lent, I’ve decided to do a few things.  One is the traditional giving something up.  For me, that’s complaining.  It’s a nasty cycle to be in, where you find fault in everything and blessings rarely.  So I’m using this verse as my meditation for the next 40 days.

Image from


It’s not going to be easy.  But I want to make this change – for my friends, my daughter, husband, and myself.

It goes beyond that too.  It goes to getting rid of the excess in our lives.  So I’m also going to embark on the 40 bags in 40 days challenge.  I’ve been wanting to do it for years, and this time I’m setting myself up for success!  I’m going to use the easy printable found over at White House Black Shutters (if you’re not starting today, she provides a link at the bottom for a printable without dates).

I feel good, and a 40 day challenge is a great place to start.  I think the biggest part of the challenge will be not complaining while going through my 40 bags 🙂


Tori-ism… Up top gummies

I have a really good daughter.  She listens pretty well, she’s generally well behaved (I mean, come on, she’s 2.5).  And sometimes, the funniest things come out of her mouth.

Like today’s exchange as I leave for work.

My parents are visiting for a few days during their cross-country and back trip.  When they visit, they take care of the morning routine, so that we can get ready. I should also mention that we’re deep in the throws of potty-training – she’s definitely day-trained, and we’re working on nights and #2s.

So when I came down the stairs this morning, Tori and my mom were playing.  Tori, ever so sweetly tells me, “Bye mom!  Have a good day at work!”

Hmm.  That’s not normal.

Turning around to face her Nana, “Now, can I have up top gummies?”  Up top gummies are the little containers of gummy creatures that Scott’s dad brought on a visit when Harry and David were having a sale.  She saw them once and will get one, maybe two occasionally.

Ahhh… there it is.

“Tori, when you go #2 on the potty, then you can have an up top gummy”.

It’s about this time I notice my mom starting to sink into the couch.

“Nana, can I have an up top gummy?”

“Tori,” she turns to me, “when did Nana tell you you could have an up top gummy?”

“I don’t know”, turning away from me because she knows the answer but doesn’t want to say it.

“Tori, when did Nana tell you you could have an up top gummy?”

“I don’t know.”

My mom is a part of the couch.

“Tori, Nana won’t be in trouble.  Just tell me when Nana said you could have an up top gummy”

“When you leave for work.  So, bye momma!”

This girl, and her sweet tooth, kill me.


Tori, August


July 4th Mantel

I majorly slacked off on my Spring decor.  I had a really cute setup for Easter and it stayed, until, well… yesterday.  When  realized that we’re hosting a 4th of  July gathering and I have Easter Eggs adorning my mantel.  No big deal.  I’m armed with a silhouette and pinterest, so I’m set.

I love the look of coordinating interest pieces, and I saw this pin from Landee See, Landee Do and I had my inspiration

The quick and easy thing to do?  Look around at what I have left over from Christmas and see what I can repurpose.  I found my chevron fabric covered canvas that I used to display a moss letter at a craft fair I did during the holidays.  Then I scoured pinterest for printables, and found 4 that are perfect – two are on my mantel, two are on my entryway table.


The America printable, also from Landee See, Landee Do, on the left can be found here and the Pledge of Allegiance printable, from On Sutton Place, is found here. The fabric covered canvas is really easy to do – and cheap – and you can do whatever you’d like.  It’s also perfect to cover up botched art work (I would know NOTHING about that ;)).  The framed stars are actually a scrapbook sheet from Hobby Lobby that I was going to use for firecrackers, but I needed more blue.  And the board was something I had left over from my Valentine’s mantel, so I added a quick coat of paint to the back, cut out some vinyl words and there you have it.  Dual purpose decor… easy and cheap!!  The bunting is actually a Disney bunting, but I didn’t print the characters out, and I used some hot glue to attach them to the string.

Oh, and that pitcher filled with wheat?  I ran across the street to the open space and grabbed some, thanks to my hubby’s smart suggestion.

I also needed to update the entry table, since it too had a cute little bunny, eggs and two bunny silhouettes.

The firecrackers I found in a magazine, and I bought paper last week from Hobby Lobby to cover them with.  The little tops aren’t as pointy as they could’ve been, but hey, they work.  I had been saving toilet paper rolls for months just for this project and used kebob skewers to have them come shooting out of the cute little box I found at Hobby Lobby.  I found some foam in the basement and used some moss to cover it up, and voila!  If I find some extra time before Friday I might add some curling ribbon to the bottom of them.


The last bit are those two printables that I also found on pinterest.



The printable on the left is from 32 Turns and you can find it here, and the one on the left is from Five Birds Crafts, found here.

I’m also finishing up a primitive rag wreath (but, of course I ran out of fabric and the fabric is exclusive to Hobby Lobby, which is closed on Sunday) and I want to put a bucket of flags on the front porch.  I also have 3D stars I made that I’ll put into bunting form to hang behind our food table, and I can reuse the tablecloth and runners from Tori’s 2nd birthday party, since I did traditional France colors for the party.


Big girl room – the plans

How did she get big enough to be ready for a big girl room?


I’ve been pinning ideas for awhile now, and absolutely fell in love with this room from Petite Vintage.  I love the colors, I love the fact that it will grow with her daughter for awhile – something I want for Tori’s room.  We’re really lucky in that she hasn’t tried to climb out of her crib, but I’m ready for a new project, so I’m working on designs and mood boards to get everything together.  Most of her room, besides the actual making of the furniture, will be DIY.  I’m not sure when we’ll actually make the switch, but my project ideas can be done over time.

Here’s my rough idea for her room:


Clockwise, from upper left: room inspiration from Petite Vintage, Leirvik bed from Ikea, herringbone quilt pattern from Sew Dang Cute Crafts, Knodd bin from Ikea, confetti curtains from Land of Nod, and milk crate wall shelf inspiration from pinterest (the link took me to a bad one – so I don’t know the original source)


I’ve already bought and received the wall vinyl to make decals – I’m throwing around the idea of doing the clouds, or maybe doing the off kilter squares like the curtains.  But I do like the idea of both gold and white vinyl.  We did big trees at our old house in the living room, so other than measuring, I think the wall project will be easy – and one I can do without any painting!

I’m also DIYing the curtains – I have heat transfer vinyl on order to make them once I find curtains (which shouldn’t be hard).  The quilt won’t be done by me, but I’m really hoping my aunt (who’s amazingly talented in the world of quilt making) will make it for her.  The milk crates I think will be a fun addition for storage and visual interest.

What do you think of the ideas for her room?  Have you tackled any of these projects before?

The Bachelorette – Premier

I will freely admit, The Bachelor/Bachelorette is my guilty pleasure.  I love getting together with a group of gals, gabbing over what he/she wore, what they said, what they did… it also is a huge reminder of how blessed I am to have my family.

Anyway, I’m really excited for this season.  Andi seems like a gal who knows what she wants.  There wasn’t a guy who stood out to me, so I’m interested to see how these relationships develop during the season.  If I had to pick a guy though, after the first episode, I think I’d say Marcus.


Or maybe Nick S (both headshots are from ABC’s official cast page, with a fun, personal touch).


Being the party planner that I like to be, I decided to host the premier party. And while I didn’t get as much done for it as I wanted to, there were a couple of fun things I did manage to pull together after a crazy weekend.

I created a cast board, which I plan to lug around to the different places so we can keep track of who’s still around throughout the season.


Since we’re all working women in one form or another (mothering counts, of course!), instead of having a drinking game, I made a Bingo card for each of us. Truth be told, it will be better as the weeks progress. And, since Bingo wasn’t called this week, we’re reusing it again next week, then the responsibility of a new card falls to someone else – we’re all keeping track of the year’s buzzwords to change it up!


The other requirement for last night’s affair was bringing a snack that was renamed to be something about The Bachelorette… and what amazing snacks there were…


All in all, a good night. I even gave up Reality Steve for this season… it’s killing me!

Made the switch

I finally did it.  I made the switch to WordPress.

And what a pain it was.

However,  I’m looking forward to being able to really get the look I’ve been trying to have since I started blogging.


“New” blog.  New plan.


Exciting things have been going on around here over the past 6 months.  I have a ton of pictures and projects to share!  And, one of these days, I’ll get around to a new house tour!


But for now, you’ll have to settle for an image of my sweet little girl, who isn’t so little anymore.


To one we bid adieu – Victoria turned two!

Two.  I don’t think time has ever flown by faster.

When it came time to plan for the big day, I took my chance to choose (what will probably be) the last theme I can do without her input.  And I like rhymes.  Zoo, Moo, Boo – super cute ideas but not really my style (although I’ve done and seen some adorable interpretations of these ideas).  Then, I realized adieu rhymes with two, and I ran with it… Paris.

The invitation.

I designed it, with a graphic from Whilst Digital on Etsy.  I went with the country’s colors because almost every inspiration I saw was pink and black – and I wanted to be a bit different.

The details.

In the days leading up to the party, I worked on banners, buntings, mantle decor and layout – I drew it all out to make sure it would all flow with the 15 kiddos that had RSVP’d.  With the new house, I was excited to see how it all could come together.

Guests were greeted with an Eiffel Tower and door wreath to let them know they were in the right spot (hey, our house is new – it’s not on the map yet!).


Then – banners and buntings everywhere!  The mantle I switched up to bring in the French Flag again – and it was so easy.  Plain canvases covered in fabric – a 20 minute project and it looked great!


My favorite thing to use in party decor right now is the little ball tassel trim.  It’s just so fun and a little different.  I used it last year on the ceiling, for a baby shower, and this year behind her Happy Birthday banner (you can sort of make it out here – the morning light floods the back side of our house, it’s amazing).  Oh – and that tablecloth?  a $5 twin sheet.




I had the cake stand from last year, and I made a quick little cake bunting, and her two sweet little candles.


The favors were adorable – red and blue crayons in the shapes of Eiffel Towers, made by Posh Paper Creations, also from Etsy.  I mean, what toddler doesn’t like crayons?!

The activities.

It’s January.  In Colorado.  Who knows what the weather will be.  So I thought up some ideas to keep the kids occupied indoors.  One was covering our living room table in kraft paper (you can see it in the photo with the flag buntings across the room).  I dumped out crayons and let the kids go to town.  Then, it’s easy clean-up and recyclable too.

The other was making a little Paris city where the kids could pull off the pieces and move them around.  I used kraft, but smoother paper would be better, as the tape looses its sticky pretty quickly.  It was cute none-the-less and the kids had fun with it!

My good friend and photographer, Danielle Good, captured most of these images (save for one that I snapped with my cell phone).  She’s started doing videography and captured the party in all of its glory.

Joyeux deuxième anniversaire, ma douce fille!