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Can I get a mulligan?

This week – Big. Fat. Fail.

Let me sum it up for you.

Monday – sort of snow day. We worked at home for a bit until we realized it wasn’t snowing. Went in. Picked up E, saw her eyes were a goopy mess, went to the pediatrician. On the way home, T threw up in the car. So I went into panic mode (emetophobe here). I spent the rest of the night thinking about what I could eat that wouldn’t be bad coming  back up, or downing pills (hello activated charcoal!) to avoid it. Just to find out that she probably just got car sick.

Tuesday – major snow day. All the schools were closed, including our girls’. And our office closed. So that just means a mess (see where I’m going with this…).

Wednesday – back to the grind. And my laziness.

Thursday. Hey, at least I washed the pump parts.




This weekend – I’m cleaning up my craft room while prepping for a Super Bowl Party. And I’m back on laundry and cleaning up for that party. I got this.


Cleaning challenge, 9 days in

Guys. This is hard.



  1. The girls’ bathroom and the guest bathroom were cleaned.
  2. Guest bedroom got new sheets (we just had guests)
  3. Laundry was kept up with (mostly)
  4. Pump parts and bottles were washed, and other dishes were put away (mostly)
  5. Hardwoods were kept clean (I got a vacuum for Christmas, and it’s changed the way I approach cleaning the downstairs. Cordless vacuums are lifesavers if you have hardwoods and animals/kids/plants/spouses/yourself… get the idea 😉 )


Still needs work:

  1. Cleaning all bathrooms instead of just 2.
  2. Always putting away the laundry once it’s out of the dryer – which is why I said mostly. E’s is hard because she goes to bed really early, and laundry usually isn’t done until after she’s in bed.
  3. Dusting and vacuuming – again goes with the E going to bed early thing – I don’t want to be running the vacuum while she’s trying to sleep.


How did I achieve what I did? I cleaned the bathrooms while baths were taking place. Cleaning the toilet and sinks and mirrors while T is playing is an easy way to get some things done and watch her at the same time. I also forced myself to do smaller loads of laundry throughout the week instead of cramming them all in on Saturday and Sunday (which then meant that I would be intimidated by the huge piles and pull clean clothes out of baskets). I also didn’t hope that my husband would wash the pump parts or bottles and just did them myself. It’s the one part of being a working mom that I absolutely despise (yes, even more than the working part) is the pumping and associated cleaning. But, she’s worth it.


How can I improve? When I get cleaning the bathrooms, just do them. All four. Ask for help – ask him to sit in the bathroom with T while I run off and clean another one (she’s not paying any attention to us in the bathroom anyway – I feel like it’s one time when I can run off for 10-15 minutes while she plays and not feel too guilty about not spending time with her). As for the laundry – S’s and my clothes are always put right away now (if I pull it from the laundry room). But the girls’ aren’t. I should separate and fold them, so I can spend 5 minutes in the mornings putting them away. And just schedule in the dusting/vacuuming of the house for the weekends when both girls are awake.


Like I said in my last post, it’s going to be a work in progress. I’m trying really hard not to get ahead of myself or get down on myself for not having found a solution in the first 9 days of this process. But one thing I can do – keep up what I have been doing and continually improve each week.

The Bachelorette – Premier

I will freely admit, The Bachelor/Bachelorette is my guilty pleasure.  I love getting together with a group of gals, gabbing over what he/she wore, what they said, what they did… it also is a huge reminder of how blessed I am to have my family.

Anyway, I’m really excited for this season.  Andi seems like a gal who knows what she wants.  There wasn’t a guy who stood out to me, so I’m interested to see how these relationships develop during the season.  If I had to pick a guy though, after the first episode, I think I’d say Marcus.


Or maybe Nick S (both headshots are from ABC’s official cast page, with a fun, personal touch).


Being the party planner that I like to be, I decided to host the premier party. And while I didn’t get as much done for it as I wanted to, there were a couple of fun things I did manage to pull together after a crazy weekend.

I created a cast board, which I plan to lug around to the different places so we can keep track of who’s still around throughout the season.


Since we’re all working women in one form or another (mothering counts, of course!), instead of having a drinking game, I made a Bingo card for each of us. Truth be told, it will be better as the weeks progress. And, since Bingo wasn’t called this week, we’re reusing it again next week, then the responsibility of a new card falls to someone else – we’re all keeping track of the year’s buzzwords to change it up!


The other requirement for last night’s affair was bringing a snack that was renamed to be something about The Bachelorette… and what amazing snacks there were…


All in all, a good night. I even gave up Reality Steve for this season… it’s killing me!

Made the switch

I finally did it.  I made the switch to WordPress.

And what a pain it was.

However,  I’m looking forward to being able to really get the look I’ve been trying to have since I started blogging.


“New” blog.  New plan.


Exciting things have been going on around here over the past 6 months.  I have a ton of pictures and projects to share!  And, one of these days, I’ll get around to a new house tour!


But for now, you’ll have to settle for an image of my sweet little girl, who isn’t so little anymore.



This week, I turned on live streaming video from Oklahoma City when a friend on Facebook mentioned tornado warnings.  I watched as a tornado formed, wedged, and headed straight toward Moore, OK.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing – it was nature in it’s all of its fury.  And I was glued to that live stream.  Little did I know I was watching history unfold.

As I continued to watch, I saw the storm move east and the funnel lift, going from full EF-5 strength to nothing in mere minutes.  And then, the images began coming in.  I saw the neighborhoods flattened, as the news guys in the choppers were seeing it.  I heard them choke back tears as they looked at schools and businesses that were no longer there.

I felt helpless.

As always, with these types of things, I wanted to get my car and go help.  Search for victims.  Help others sort through the rubble to find some memory of life before.

And then I found out a friend of mine has a friend who lost it all.

This is Abby (kneeling).  She lives with her parents in Moore.  While her parents were in Mexico celebrating another year of her mom being cancer-free, the tornado hit.  

And that’s all that’s left.

So I’m hosting an auction on my Facebook Page to benefit this family.  I’m in the early stages, so right now I’m looking for vendors who are willing to give their items.  These items will then be bid on, and all money raised will go to benefit this family.  If you can contribute anything, please fill out this form.  When you’re finished, you’ll see an email address where you need to send me a photo of the item you’re going to offer.

For you shoppers, I’m hoping to get the auction up on June 3.  So stay tuned for that!

And… All of the money I take in will go to this family.  Nothing off the top.  Just all the money, to them.


Have you been to minted yet?  It’s heaven.

I found it a month or so ago.  And it just speaks to me.  All of the gorgeous things over there.  I literally swoon and could spend hours.

Anyway, they’re doing an inspiration board challenge around birth announcements   So I thought I’d try my hand.

sweet girl annoucement by Jessica, see more birth announcements on Minted

Head over there – and look around at all of the beautiful things there are.  And there’s more than babies… weddings, holidays… something for everyone.  Any while you’re there, favorite my board?  Please!

*Just as a note – Minted in no way compensated me for this post

Ok, ok… I’ll come back!

So sorry for the unannounced nearly 4 month hiatus from blogging.  But THANK YOU to everyone for sticking with me and hanging around!  I didn’t lose a follower!  You’re all amazing!

There are so many exciting things happening in our world, and I don’t even know where to begin.  But progress has been made on the list, and while I haven’t taken many photos lately due to a lack of time, I’m hoping to pick up the camera again here soon – especially with so many exciting things happening soon.

So stay tuned… and I promise I’ll be back asap!!

{SOOC}: Calm

Sorry for posting this a little later than I normally do.  Again, I didn’t pick a winner, because I don’t think it’s fair to choose between two people.  I’m hoping that this week sees more entries!  So please share with your friends!!

So this week’s theme is calm.  I know most of you don’t know my kitty, but usually she’s a mess of growls, hisses and swats (to everyone but me!).  So I snapped this of her when she was so calm:

Tossing around the idea

of hosting a weekly photo challenge. I’ve been tossing the idea around since probably Christmas.

I used to participate in one that was straight out of the camera only, and I really enjoyed it, since I wasn’t that good with editing.  However, the blog that used to host it has decided no longer to do it based on things going on in their life. 
I was thinking about doing something like that – making it the same type of challenge, but a different day, and a different name.  I know there are a ton of photo challenges out there, but I wanted to do one for those who don’t have the time for editing, or are just getting started.  I would love to get a challenge going, but am unsure about if it would go over well, especially since I’m a scientist by day and a photographer when I have the chance.

So for those of you out there who like to take pictures: What do you think? Would you participate?