Baby M number 2: 37 weeks/4th of July

FULL TERM!  Wahoo!!  I never thought those two words would be uttered from my mouth with respect to my own pregnancy.  But here I am 🙂

First, I hit full term on the 4th, which is pretty fun.  We spent Friday night watching the fireworks at our town’s celebration, and then the 4th at a coworker’s house before we headed home to catch the fireworks on tv.  I mean, two 10:30 pm nights in a row for a 3 year old is a recipe for disaster. But that’s ok – holidays are fun and should result in a major throw off of schedule, right?  I didn’t get a photo of her on the 4th in her super cute patriotic outfit, but here’s the other one from Red, White and Blue day at her school:



And then our family photo at the fireworks.


The fireworks were probably one of my favorite memories as a parent so far.  T sat in S’s lap and was just in awe – she’d look back and me and say how beautiful they were.  I’m glad she appreciated them so much!  And the place we went was awesome!  Now that we know what to expect, next year we’ll take picnic stuff and things for her to play with.  Luckily we met up with a friend and her daughter so they could entertain each other.

Now, on to my weekly update.


How far along? 37 weeks

Baby size: A honey dew, and about 19-20 inches in length and nearly 6.5 lbs

Weight gain: Had a little gain this week, but not much.

Workouts: None.  Walking is even starting to get uncomfortable because she keeps bumping up against a nerve that makes my legs about go out from under me.  No bueno, little girl.

Maternity Clothes: Definitely.

Stretch Marks: None

Sleep: I really can’t complain about my sleeping.

Gender: Sweet baby girl – confirmed again today

Movement: All the time

Labor signs: Daily BH, becoming crampy.  Progression, maybe?

What I miss: At this point, there’s nothing to miss anymore.  I’m trying to enjoy my last days/weeks.

Symptoms: BH still, the leg issue, cramping.  My BP is still great, my protein rose slightly.  But no cause for concern yet.  At my 37 week appointment this morning, she was measuring behind according to my fundal height, so I had a surprise u/s to make sure she’s good.  She’s measuring just a couple of days behind, but not enough to be concerning.  Estimated weight of 6.5 lbs (obviously can be +/- a pound).  But since everything else is still great, we’re going with it.  I didn’t get checked to see if there was any progression – I didn’t want to be disappointed.  I’ll probably get checked next week.

Nursery/Other prep: I pulled out the pack and play and set it up in our room.  Also pulled out the changing pad and infant inserts for the car seat and washed the head support (that was NASTY!).   I need to get those inserts into the car seat and then that’s ready to go.   Everything else can wait (like the infant inserts for the swing/bouncy chair, and bringing the tub up from the basement, etc.).

Belly button, in or out: Flat, with a little, itty bitty bit poking out.

Wedding rings, on or off: On

Mood: Definitely more irritable – but I’m trying to be better.

Best moment this week: The 4th of July weekend, for sure.  We spent time at the pool, at the park, with friends, and watched the Women’s World Cup Soccer game.  I’m not/wasn’t a soccer player, but it was amazing to watch.  And an incredible way to end a holiday weekend that celebrates our country!

Looking forward to: When this little one decides to make her arrival.  I’m still trying to soak it all up, but the leg pain/discomfort makes it really hard.  Oh, and our new mattress.  That will be really exciting to get later this week!

Baby M Number 2: 32 weeks/End of the school year

I can’t believe that the school year is over!  Our little girl is done with pre-school and will start pre-k in the fall (she’s early on this – but we decided a “hold back” at 4.5 was more appropriate than at 2.5 – she can understand more and be occupied easier).  I’m so thankful for the pinterest fad of taking photos at the beginning and end of the school year, because a) it’s nice to hold onto those memories and b) you can see just how much change happens in a short period of time at this age.


She’s now (at least I think) about 30 lbs and just over 36 inches tall.  She’s wearing a 3T and size 7/7.5 shoes now and is able to write her name and spell it for us!  She can also sing her ABC’s in Spanish and has started speaking Spanish with our bilingual next-door neighbors (or, I should say she responds to what they ask her).  She loves her friends, teachers, and going to school.  She can use scissors, is getting closer to coloring in the lines, and is SO proud to become a big sister in the next month/two months.

Speaking of baby sister, she’s growing so much, and so am I!


Top: Motherhood Maternity; Skirt: Lularoe; Earrings: Premier Design


How far along? 32 weeks

Baby size: A jicama, and about 17 inches in length and 3.75 lbs

Weight gain: Still about 12 lbs.

Workouts: I’ve been wearing my Fitbit and as long as the weather cooperates, I try to take a daily walk, whether it’s at work or at home.

Maternity Clothes: Definitely.

Stretch Marks: None

Sleep: Having a hard time falling asleep, and I’m getting up with the birds.  But it’s ok – it makes mornings much more pleasant because I have my time to adjust and mentally prepare for the day.

Gender: Sweet baby girl

Movement: All the time.  Hiccups are more frequent, but not like they were with T.

Labor signs: BH are “more frequent” but nothing nearly relating to timable or painful.

What I miss: Carb.  ALL. THE. CARBS.

Nursery: I’ve started the curtains and they should be done (I hope) within the next week.   Crib skirt was made by my awesome friend Rachel with ModFox, and I was successful with my attempt at a crib sheet.  I have the real fabric laying across our ironing board ready to go, but the curtains are my priority right now.  I also have the vinyl triangles cut out, I just need to put them up.  Oh!  We also made a trip to Ikea on Monday and bought some shelves for the closet to help with organization and I bought some boxes for the dresser drawers in an attempt to keep things organized.  I cut off all the tags of the clothes we bought in Vegas to get those ready to be washed.

Belly button, in or out: In, but flat

Wedding rings, on or off: On

Mood: I’ve actually been pretty good the past couple of weeks.  Getting up earlier has really helped with that.

Best moment this week: Just seeing the sun again!  It’s been a rainy, cold May here in CO, which is not normal.  I also was able to have my sewing lesson that I was gifted for Mother’s Day and that was really fun!

Looking forward to: 32 week appointment this afternoon, and my family coming in for the week!  A lot of progress on nursery organization and washing will happen this week – I might even jump the gun and pack the hospital bags!

Baby M number 2: Weeks 24 and 25 / Easter

Another two weeks down in pregnancy land – and as the final trimester comes into focus, so has the nesting!  All I want to do is throw away things!  Hopefully I can get to that some this weekend, and get some spinach, arugula, and carrots into the ground.  Oh the homegrown goodness – I can’t wait!


Top: Old Navy. Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft. Pants: Gap. Bracelet: Zappy Dots. Necklace: Premier Design


How far along? 25 weeks
Baby size: According to my Ovia App, a corn on the cob/grapefruit. About 11 inches in length, and pound to a pound a quarter in weight!
Weight gain: Up about 10 lbs from my first appointment.
Workouts: Walking more
Maternity Clothes: Definitely.
Stretch Marks: Nothing additional that I can see.
Sleep: Pretty good, although getting comfortable at the start is getting harder.  But once I’m asleep, I’m asleep.
Gender: Confirmed girl again 🙂
Movement: Yes, and all over!  She’s been rolling and flipping.  At our recent u/s, she was head down and sunny side up.
Food cravings: Still on the sweet stuff. And after a significant weight gain this last month, I need to stop it 🙁
Aversions: None
Labor signs: None
What I miss: Nothing really.
Symptoms: There’s a fine line between full and too full after I eat, and I haven’t quite figured it out yet.  So I have to be extra careful.
Nursery: Still no progress.  Hopefully next weekend we’ll get the room painted while my mom’s in town since I have the color picked out.
Belly button, in or out: In.
Wedding rings, on or off: On
Mood: I have some swings, but it is what it is.
Best moment this week: Easter, and checking in on baby girl.  I’m also excited that my placenta previa has resolved and that she looks perfect on u/s.
Looking forward to: A trip away with S next week!  My mom’s coming in to be with T.  A couple of days away is just what the doctor ordered before we enter the home stretch!


Speaking of it having been Easter, we had a great time.  Let me tell you, 3 is a fantastic age for holidays because they seem to understand more of what’s going on.  We had a great time putting things around for her to find across the house, spending the morning with our church family, and the afternoon/evening with our good friends.  That’s the most important thing for holidays – spending it with those you love!




To one we bid adieu – Victoria turned two!

Two.  I don’t think time has ever flown by faster.

When it came time to plan for the big day, I took my chance to choose (what will probably be) the last theme I can do without her input.  And I like rhymes.  Zoo, Moo, Boo – super cute ideas but not really my style (although I’ve done and seen some adorable interpretations of these ideas).  Then, I realized adieu rhymes with two, and I ran with it… Paris.

The invitation.

I designed it, with a graphic from Whilst Digital on Etsy.  I went with the country’s colors because almost every inspiration I saw was pink and black – and I wanted to be a bit different.

The details.

In the days leading up to the party, I worked on banners, buntings, mantle decor and layout – I drew it all out to make sure it would all flow with the 15 kiddos that had RSVP’d.  With the new house, I was excited to see how it all could come together.

Guests were greeted with an Eiffel Tower and door wreath to let them know they were in the right spot (hey, our house is new – it’s not on the map yet!).


Then – banners and buntings everywhere!  The mantle I switched up to bring in the French Flag again – and it was so easy.  Plain canvases covered in fabric – a 20 minute project and it looked great!


My favorite thing to use in party decor right now is the little ball tassel trim.  It’s just so fun and a little different.  I used it last year on the ceiling, for a baby shower, and this year behind her Happy Birthday banner (you can sort of make it out here – the morning light floods the back side of our house, it’s amazing).  Oh – and that tablecloth?  a $5 twin sheet.




I had the cake stand from last year, and I made a quick little cake bunting, and her two sweet little candles.


The favors were adorable – red and blue crayons in the shapes of Eiffel Towers, made by Posh Paper Creations, also from Etsy.  I mean, what toddler doesn’t like crayons?!

The activities.

It’s January.  In Colorado.  Who knows what the weather will be.  So I thought up some ideas to keep the kids occupied indoors.  One was covering our living room table in kraft paper (you can see it in the photo with the flag buntings across the room).  I dumped out crayons and let the kids go to town.  Then, it’s easy clean-up and recyclable too.

The other was making a little Paris city where the kids could pull off the pieces and move them around.  I used kraft, but smoother paper would be better, as the tape looses its sticky pretty quickly.  It was cute none-the-less and the kids had fun with it!

My good friend and photographer, Danielle Good, captured most of these images (save for one that I snapped with my cell phone).  She’s started doing videography and captured the party in all of its glory.

Joyeux deuxième anniversaire, ma douce fille!

2013 – In Review

Here I go again, with very little blogging over a very long time.  

What can I say, life happens.
2013 brought a lot of change, all for the better (even if we didn’t know it at the time).
With the new year brought the first birthday of our sweet girl.  
In June, we decided to sell our house and went under contract to build our long-term home.

We moved into an apartment for a few months, and right after, I was laid off from my job.  It was a test of strength for me, as there is such a negative association with it.  But, it was for the best – I had been unhappy for awhile and it was the push I needed to move on.  The time off gave me a chance to spend time with friends I don’t see as often and spend some time on myself (which, as a mom, doesn’t happen very often).  Luckily, I found a new position two months later, and have loved every minute of being back to work.
We watched our house be built, and moved in at the end of November, just in time to celebrate the holidays (I am NOT kidding when I say our Christmas tree was one of the first things unpacked).
We’ve visited friends and family, had friends and family visit us, and enjoyed watching our sweet baby girl grow up.  How is it that she went from this:
to this:

You don’t realize how big they’re getting until you look at pictures.  We are in full blown toddler world, and it’s really fun.  
Thank you 2013 for being a great year.   We know 2014 is going to bring great things – and I’m going to try my darnedest to blog more about them.

A day in ONEderland: the outfits

I have been blessed in the past year and a half to be surrounded (albeit virtually) by a group of women who have supported me throughout the end of my pregnancy journey and the first year of Tori’s life.  And so many of them are insanely talented – from photographers (check out her and her) to sewers and other graphic designers.  One of these ladies (Studio B Designs) was responsible for taking my dream of an Alice outfit to life.  She is also responsible for the adorable headband!

But for the majority of the party, I had her in a custom pillowcase dress that was made specifically for the party.  Thanks to Naptime Craft Mommy for the wonderful dress!  I’m waiting for it to warm up just a little bit more to put her back in it for some very belated one year photos!

A day in ONEderland

First, I cannot believe it’s been a year since Tori was born.  There’s a Walgreen’s commercial right now that I feel completely captures how fast I felt the year went – 30 seconds!

To celebrate the milestone of one year old, and look forward to the next, what I have no doubt will be, wonderful year, I planned a time where all of our friends and family could get together.  Through the next few posts, I’ll showcase a different vendor or design idea.  But first, I want to give a sampling of fun pictures, taken by the wonderful Meghan at Meghan Scott Molin Photography (website, Facebook).  Meghan’s based out of Ft. Collins, Colorado and has done some wonderful pictures for us in the past, so I didn’t hesitate when I thought of who I would get to capture the day (because, let’s be honest here… I didn’t want to have to worry about hosting AND taking pictures!).

It’s a party!

In a month and a half.  I have a 10.5 month old?  Oh geeze.

Anyway, I’m into party planning mode.  And it’s both stressful and so fun.  I know.. it’s a one year old’s birthday party.  She’s going to have ZERO idea about what’s going on.  But, I want her to look back on it later and feel so special.

After much debating (and hours on pinterest) I settled on… Tori in “one”derland.

Invites are on order, envelope wrappers are complete and ready to print (I need to distinguish her invitations from Christmas cards, since they’ll be mailed during the holiday season), and I’m scouring the web for the best deals on decorative items.  Most of the party will be DIY, and I’m really excited to see my vision come to life!  

At nine months

It’s time to reflect on 3/4 of a year.  It’s amazing how quickly time flies.

She’s now:
1. High speed crawling
2. Pulling up on everything
3. Cruising along couches
4. Walking while pushing walking toys
5. Feeding herself (by both holding a bottle as well as picking things off a tray)
6. Sitting in high chairs and shopping carts
7. Practicing her consonants
8. Letting us know what she wants (and doesn’t want, for that matter)
9. Signing “more” (albeit infrequently).

With nine months also comes time to start her party planning… going beyond the pinning and moving to the actual purchasing.  I’m really excited about her theme (coming as soon as I have the invite finished!) and have started collecting items to use for decorations (hello thrift stores and free cycle!!).

In less than three months now, we’ll move full into toddler-world and beyond the baby days.  Slow down time, please!

Half way there

I cannot believe that my beautiful little girl has gone from this:

To this:

It’s amazing how quickly six months can go!

In the past six months, she has:

  • Started at day care, and loved it
  • Slept through the night, then didn’t, then did it again
  • Held her head up
  • Rolled over
  • Flown to the east coast twice
  • Sat up
  • Stood up putting weight on her legs
  • Pulled herself up
  • Started solid foods
  • Scoots around (even if it is on her face)
  • Watches the cats and squeals with excitement to see them
  • Smiles and laughs because of things we do
  • Gets excited to see us
  • Reaches for us to pick her up
  • Survived a week away from her momma

It’s amazing to see the changes in her on an almost daily basis. She’s not too far away from crawling – which scares Scott and I!  

Last weekend I took some six month shots of her – and some of them turned out wonderfully!  I can’t wait to share those with you!