Sweet E: Almost three months

Nearly three months have come and gone since sweet E was born. Today was her first day of daycare. I started back to work on August 31. While I thought that time flew after T was born, I had no idea how time really can fly. When your second child comes along, the days are a blur because you’re not only caring for a newborn, but chasing around another kid. I’m so very lucky in that S has really taken on the load with T (although, we’ve also had someone in our house for all but 4 nights since August 25, with night number 4 tonight before another guest arrives tomorrow, which also helps keep T busy).


In the three months since she’s been born, she’s grown so much. She’s put on at least 4 pounds, grown probably 3 inches (she’s starting to be too long for her 3 month footed sleepers – T was almost 6 months when that happened!!). She’s still sleeping in our room, and lately, has been sleeping in our bed once she wakes up for her night feed. That’s usually at 3 am, unless it was the night before she started back to school, in which case she was up at 12:30, 2:30, 4:30, 5:15 and 6:15 to eat. Yikes. Thank goodness I breastfeed. She smiles a lot, cries a lot. LOVES her big sister. She watches everything she does – which means we’re going to be in for it with this kiddo!


I also think she’s going to be a thumb sucker. And, even on her first day of daycare, her teacher thinks so too. She blows bubbles and loves to look at the world. And I miss those chubby cheeks more than I ever thought I could when I’m away from her.


Baby M Number 2: Meet our sweet girl

About 6 hours after I made my last post, I ended up going into labor. Crazy, right?


I’ll say it wasn’t without help, as at my appointment that morning, I ended up having a membrane sweep.  With the upcoming lab work and induction scheduled for the 20th, I decided I’d give a sweep a go to see if it would do anything.  I went through the rest of that Monday feeling nothing, until we went to our friends’ house for dinner and no 5 minutes after I sat down did my contractions start.


I toughed it out there for a good 2.5 hours, because I wasn’t quite sure if it was the real deal or not.  When I couldn’t talk through them anymore, I told S it was time to go home because I just wasn’t able to be around people anymore.  We got home and the contractions got closer together – starting around 7:30 pm they started getting closer together.  After an hour of going through the 5-1-1 rule, I texted my OB and she called me back to give me my options (I can’t explain how amazing she is – she didn’t have to answer me, especially since it was her day off, but she took the time to take care of me :)).  We called our friends who came over to be with T overnight and S and I headed to the hospital.


Once I got there, they checked me, and I hadn’t progressed at all.  I was feeling pretty defeated because I was in agony with no progression.  After giving me a few different options, I opted to receive some morphine to see if I could relax (at this point it was nearing 10 pm, I had worked all day, labored for nearly 5 hours with no progression, and they were talking about sending me home.  Being only 38 weeks, they couldn’t give me an epidural until I was 5 cm+).  Yes, I asked about the affects on her, and I was told she would be sleepy.  As I relaxed between contractions, as the morphine took no edge off the contractions themselves, I still felt her moving at her normal frequency so I thought that she wasn’t affected.


After awhile, I felt the familiar feeling of needing to push, but knew that I hadn’t progressed enough to actually be ready to push (this was a feeling I remembered far too well from T’s birth). The nurse came in and checked me, and I had progressed enough to be allowed an epidural with her gestational age.  Around midnight I got the first epidural, and after that didn’t fully take, I was able to get a little something different and I was able to start to fall asleep.  That was probably around 1 am.


It wasn’t much longer when the nurse and my OB came in the room to tell me it was time to push her out, that she was showing signs of distress.  In my half awake state I had noticed a change in her heart rate but thought maybe it was just her moving away from the sensor and the machine was actually picking up my heartrate.  In any case, it was around 1:30 am when I started pushing, and within 4 contractions, our sweet girl was born.


But the fun didn’t stop there.  Due to the morphine, she thought that breathing was an option and not a necessity. When they laid her on my chest I knew something was wrong, so they whisked her away, did a few things (none of which were invasive) and just as quickly as things became a scary situation, they were fine again. But that didn’t stop me from about losing my mind in those few minutes.  Since then, she passed every test and has continued to breathe beautifully.  Her pediatrician told us that it was 100% the morphine and she would have no long term affects.  Other than the second Apgar, the others were perfect.


And now that I’ve dumped all of that – here’s our sweet baby girl.  Thanks to my good friend Christina for these newborn photos.

11752434_931231630270045_2680225364449340089_n 11108961_931231620270046_9142800865825509578_n 11059402_931231616936713_8400582139970325010_n 10425051_931231623603379_7386416347491554603_n

Evelyn Jean – born July 14, 2015

6 lbs 11 oz.  21 inches long.