February Faves in the form of a Friday Five

I see all around the place people doing the things they couldn’t have lived without. Since February was a no-spend month for me, I was able to really look at what we had and what I couldn’t get through the month without. The one exception: I did fulfill my monthly order with Young Living, and one of those things is on my fave list.

So here goes my February Faves in the form of a Friday Five.

  • Makita Cordless Vacuum. This is a lifesaver. It stores easily in our small pantry, is light weight and ultra powerful. If you’re looking for a cordless vac for quick pickups, look no further than this.
  • Young Living* USB oil diffuser with lavender and spearmint. You guys, this mixture is the perfect combination of calming and energizing (I know- how can that happen at the same time? It gives me energy but not the all over the place type). And the little diffuser is awesome. It’s around $22 at the member rate and the oils vary on which ones you get. There are a few settings to either have constant, every 30 sec or every 60 sec bursts. I do the later and I don’t feel like I want for more. I’ve also diffused a blend designed for mental focus, but I prefer the lavender/spearmint blend so much that I just put those in my monthly order to keep at the office at all times.IMG_1841
  • My new BuJo. I mean, where else can I go a day, skip a couple, go some more and not feel like I wasted paper? In this guy. It doesn’t matter how much or how little I do it, I feel like it’s the best solution and I’m not wasteful. I have a great gratitude log in there, monthly spreads, memory pages, monthly trackers – the list goes on and on. IMG_18422
  • Lego Hobbit for PS4. I’m way behind on the console gaming thing. S and I played Diablo III while I was pregnant with E, but when we beat it, I wasn’t too interested in anything else. Until I picked up the game on a whim. I still have a long way to go, but it’s nice because it’s more of a puzzle game vs. a everything can kill you game. It’s made for kids anyway, right? T even loves watching me play it, and I know she’ll be able to play it soon if I let her.
  • Peanut butter and sandwich thins. When I was pregnant with E and had gestational diabetes, my nutritionist suggested natural peanut butter on sandwich thins. The natural peanut butter has no added sugar and the sandwich thins are one serving of carbs. I felt fuller longer and didn’t get the nasty sugar crash that I get with most other quick breakfasts. I jumped back on that breakfast bit this month and I feel better through lunchtime. Then, let’s be honest here, it generally goes to crap because I CANNOT kick that sweet tooth. Oh well – maybe I need to make that my April thing? One serving of sweets a day?

February was a great month for us overall. We had lots of fun with friends and as our little family. Our baby girl continues to sleep through the night (THANK YOU MOM!) and I feel like I’m getting more and more adjusted to being a mother of two. I still am struggling with the daily cleaning routine, mostly because when the girls are in bed I just want to relax and not clean, but one of these days I’ll get there.


*in effort of full disclosure, following that link will take you directly to the signup page to grab a YL starter kit. I do not, however, get a kickback from linking the vacuum.

Bullet journaling – who knew it was a thing?

I’ll admit, I’m not a fan of Pinterest suggesting a bunch of things to me. I joined it to see what my friends were doing, and others who I decided to follow. But yesterday was the first time I found something completely random and suggested to me that I said to myself, “huh”, as I clicked – bullet journaling. The pin was from musicalpoem, and I was immediately hooked. I spent far too long going through her links, and then the links on those links, and quickly found what I hope to be the answer to my planning (and memory keeping) woes.


Basically: it’s a bunch of lists. Lots and lots of lists. And you can do them however you want to. I was inspired by a bunch of different people as I kept searching. I started immediately, finding a little notebook I have in my office taking up space (and that will easily fit in my purse amongst all of the other items I keep in there). Daily tracking logs, daily to do lists, food journaling – all in one place, as I want it to be laid out, not how someone has set it up for me.


I started out with my index (a table of contents that links me to the different collections, trackers, or logs that I decide to include), followed by pages for goals for 2016, a place to dump ideas for Jan-Mar, books I want to read, home projects I want to complete. Then I get into the now – a monthly spread that lays out appointments, events, and birthdays. My tracker that includes everything I want to do in the month daily. A place to put memories. A gratitude log (because, what’s more uplifting that that?). Then my daily log, that so far looks like this:



Did I mention that I can change the layout as I go? As you can see, I already dropped out the hours log at the top of each day, because, well – I don’t plan my days that way (maybe if I stayed at home/worked from home I would need it to better keep my days in check).


I have it on my desk, open, unlike the planners that I’ve tried to use and failed (filofaxes, Erin Condren, Passion Planners – all have failed so far).



Have you ever bullet journaled? What’s been your experience? What advice do you have for this just starting out gal??