Can I get a mulligan?

This week – Big. Fat. Fail.

Let me sum it up for you.

Monday – sort of snow day. We worked at home for a bit until we realized it wasn’t snowing. Went in. Picked up E, saw her eyes were a goopy mess, went to the pediatrician. On the way home, T threw up in the car. So I went into panic mode (emetophobe here). I spent the rest of the night thinking about what I could eat that wouldn’t be bad coming  back up, or downing pills (hello activated charcoal!) to avoid it. Just to find out that she probably just got car sick.

Tuesday – major snow day. All the schools were closed, including our girls’. And our office closed. So that just means a mess (see where I’m going with this…).

Wednesday – back to the grind. And my laziness.

Thursday. Hey, at least I washed the pump parts.




This weekend – I’m cleaning up my craft room while prepping for a Super Bowl Party. And I’m back on laundry and cleaning up for that party. I got this.


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