Clearing it all out

I’ve started to write this post many, many times. I hesitate because I have a fear of not completing this task and looking like an idiot. But, I am a full-time working momma of two. So failure is quite possible.



Our house will look great one day and is a cluttery, dusty mess two days later. I can’t seem to find a routine that works the best for our family. Because let me tell ya, life with two is tough. Not that I was successful with one and keeping a clean house. But no one really tells you how hard two is. And working makes it even tougher. I’ve tried to get into routines before, but I never made it a habit to do so. I have big plans for 2016, including reducing all the stuff that’s in our house. But I need a jumping off point.


So, hear me out. I’m going to start working on a cleaning routine first. Daily tasks that are doable so I’m not overwhelmed when either company comes over or the house is just out of control. I figure it’ll take me awhile to figure it all out, but I want a place to be accountable. So here it goes:



Tonight’s plan: start with the daily to-dos: wipe counters, do a load of laundry and put it away (my biggest problem!), declutter, spot sweep floors, and (if time permits) bathrooms.


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