Cleaning challenge, 9 days in

Guys. This is hard.



  1. The girls’ bathroom and the guest bathroom were cleaned.
  2. Guest bedroom got new sheets (we just had guests)
  3. Laundry was kept up with (mostly)
  4. Pump parts and bottles were washed, and other dishes were put away (mostly)
  5. Hardwoods were kept clean (I got a vacuum for Christmas, and it’s changed the way I approach cleaning the downstairs. Cordless vacuums are lifesavers if you have hardwoods and animals/kids/plants/spouses/yourself… get the idea 😉 )


Still needs work:

  1. Cleaning all bathrooms instead of just 2.
  2. Always putting away the laundry once it’s out of the dryer – which is why I said mostly. E’s is hard because she goes to bed really early, and laundry usually isn’t done until after she’s in bed.
  3. Dusting and vacuuming – again goes with the E going to bed early thing – I don’t want to be running the vacuum while she’s trying to sleep.


How did I achieve what I did? I cleaned the bathrooms while baths were taking place. Cleaning the toilet and sinks and mirrors while T is playing is an easy way to get some things done and watch her at the same time. I also forced myself to do smaller loads of laundry throughout the week instead of cramming them all in on Saturday and Sunday (which then meant that I would be intimidated by the huge piles and pull clean clothes out of baskets). I also didn’t hope that my husband would wash the pump parts or bottles and just did them myself. It’s the one part of being a working mom that I absolutely despise (yes, even more than the working part) is the pumping and associated cleaning. But, she’s worth it.


How can I improve? When I get cleaning the bathrooms, just do them. All four. Ask for help – ask him to sit in the bathroom with T while I run off and clean another one (she’s not paying any attention to us in the bathroom anyway – I feel like it’s one time when I can run off for 10-15 minutes while she plays and not feel too guilty about not spending time with her). As for the laundry – S’s and my clothes are always put right away now (if I pull it from the laundry room). But the girls’ aren’t. I should separate and fold them, so I can spend 5 minutes in the mornings putting them away. And just schedule in the dusting/vacuuming of the house for the weekends when both girls are awake.


Like I said in my last post, it’s going to be a work in progress. I’m trying really hard not to get ahead of myself or get down on myself for not having found a solution in the first 9 days of this process. But one thing I can do – keep up what I have been doing and continually improve each week.

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