Sweet E: Almost three months

Nearly three months have come and gone since sweet E was born. Today was her first day of daycare. I started back to work on August 31. While I thought that time flew after T was born, I had no idea how time really can fly. When your second child comes along, the days are a blur because you’re not only caring for a newborn, but chasing around another kid. I’m so very lucky in that S has really taken on the load with T (although, we’ve also had someone in our house for all but 4 nights since August 25, with night number 4 tonight before another guest arrives tomorrow, which also helps keep T busy).


In the three months since she’s been born, she’s grown so much. She’s put on at least 4 pounds, grown probably 3 inches (she’s starting to be too long for her 3 month footed sleepers – T was almost 6 months when that happened!!). She’s still sleeping in our room, and lately, has been sleeping in our bed once she wakes up for her night feed. That’s usually at 3 am, unless it was the night before she started back to school, in which case she was up at 12:30, 2:30, 4:30, 5:15 and 6:15 to eat. Yikes. Thank goodness I breastfeed. She smiles a lot, cries a lot. LOVES her big sister. She watches everything she does – which means we’re going to be in for it with this kiddo!


I also think she’s going to be a thumb sucker. And, even on her first day of daycare, her teacher thinks so too. She blows bubbles and loves to look at the world. And I miss those chubby cheeks more than I ever thought I could when I’m away from her.


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