Baby M Number 2: 38 weeks

38 weeks – another new week to put under my belt!  The past week did not come without it’s surprises though – but more to come.

Photo Jul 13, 2 19 41 PM

Top: Gap maternity; Skirt: Lularoe; Necklace: Premier Designs

How far along? 38 weeks

Baby size: A spaghetti squash, and about 19-20 inches in length and nearly 7 lbs

Weight gain: With the slew of appointments I ended up having, I gained 2 lbs, lost two lbs, gained a few more.  Whatever – total weight gain as of today (according to the nurse) is 12 lbs.  Thanks, GD.

Workouts: I went to pre-natal yoga last week and that was really nice.  If I’m still cranking on Wednesday, I might go again.

Maternity Clothes: Definitely.

Stretch Marks: None

Sleep: I really can’t complain about my sleeping, especially now that we have our new SleepNumber mattress.  Yes, amazing.

Gender: Baby girl

Movement: All the time

Labor signs: So the answer to last week’s question of progression is: YES! I’m sitting at 3 cm, 80% and -1 station.  Yay! On Thursday of last week, my kidneys started hurting so we ran some tests.  Most are within normal range for people with my kidney disease, but one is elevated that isn’t normal, so we’re retesting on Wednesday.  If that comes back the same/decreased, I’ll keep on!

What I miss: In the very home stretch – so just pushing on!

Nursery/Other prep: Done.  I made a fun little washi initial piece for her wall (and for T’s too) and put up the triangles randomly.

Belly button, in or out: Flat, with a little, itty bitty bit poking out.

Wedding rings, on or off: On

Mood: It’s been hard, but the weather last week really was a nice break.  I swear I have reverse seasonal depression – give me 90 degree days and I’m more irritable than anything, and even borderline depressed.  But give me 60’s/70’s, I’m a happy camper!

Best moment this week: Knowing that my kidneys are doing really well.  And spending what little time we have left as the three of us.

Looking forward to: I’m ready to meet her.  I’m ready to see my big girl with our little girl.  I’m ready for baby snuggles.  And candy (can I say that – haha).

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