Baby M Number 2: 35 weeks

I’m here!  I made it!!  35 weeks!!!  This is big in my world with the unknown of how my kidneys will take a pregnancy!  We had a pre-term labor scare on Wednesday: I had contractions about 10-12 minutes apart for a few hours and since I wasn’t to the 37 week mark, I put in a call.  They had me come in to get monitored and make sure there was no progression.  No progression and baby girl took the contractions like a champ.  So I went home, rested for the rest of the night.  They’re still happening, and I’m guessing they will for the rest of the pregnancy.  But no big deal now that I know they’re not really doing anything.


Top: JoJo Maman Bebe



Well, that sticks out quite a bit now, doesn’t it??


How far along? 35 weeks

Baby size: A bunch of carrots, and about 18-19 inches in length and 5 lbs

Weight gain: Holding steady at the same weight since the GD diagnosis.

Workouts: Just walking, but even that is less and less with the heat that’s started to appear

Maternity Clothes: Definitely.

Stretch Marks: None

Sleep: It takes forever to get to sleep.  And I’m up a few times.  It’s fine – all prep 🙂

Gender: Sweet baby girl

Movement: All the time

Labor signs: Daily BH, becoming more regular, but still not doing anything.  Some are also crampy.

What I miss: Still carbs.  Not too much longer!

Symptoms: The BH, and restless leg – OH the restless leg.  That’s been going on for a long time and I’m over it.  Not a symptom, but our hospital bags are packed (yeah – Wednesday made me realize I should probably get on that).

Nursery: I made one of the two pack and play sheets, with the rest of the fabric hanging out in my office to make them.  Maybe this weekend.

Belly button, in or out: Flat, with a little, itty bitty bit poking out.

Wedding rings, on or off: On

Mood: Definitely more irritable.

Best moment this week: I have two: 1. Last Sunday at the Renaissance Festival. It’s usually our Father’s Day tradition but the forecast is for 90 and that wouldn’t be fun for anyone.  We let T pick out a princess dress and the workers there were so wonderful with her.  We let her get a Merida bow and had her hair braided like Elsa (complete with glitter, of course).  She was so darn cute.

20150614_114959 20150614_104056

2. Spending Monday night with T.  It was so fun – after we dropped S off at home she and I met up with a friend for a paint night and dinner.  She did amazing and it was so fun to spend some one-on-one time with her before she becomes a big sister!

We also ordered her big sister gift, and I’ve decided on gifts for the nurses.

Looking forward to: Father’s Day!  I’m excited to have T give S his gifts!  And a weekend that I wasn’t sure I was going to have the ability to be up and around is always welcome 🙂

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