Baby M Number 2: 34 Weeks

Another week down, another week closer to meeting baby girl!  My appointment last week was fantastic, so I have another week until my next appointment.  I’m feeling good and excited that we’ll make it to 35 (unless she has a mind of her own, which is totally possible!).  Once I get to 35 weeks then I start the weekly appointments.  I’m still thinking July 4th will be go time, but we’ll see – I would actually love our two girls to have birthdays exactly 6 months apart!

Last week I posted some photos that S took during our maternity shoot, and we received our sneak peek last night.  I can’t wait to see more – Danielle with Danielle Good Photography is so talented (and, I’m so lucky to be able to call her my friend).

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Gosh I just love what I’ve seen so far. She captured exactly what I was hoping for!


Top: Lularoe. Cami: StitchFix. Leggings: Lularoe. Necklace: Stressless Necklace

How far along? 34 weeks

Baby size: A savoy cabbage, and about 17-19 inches in length and 4.5 lbs

Weight gain: Haven’t gained anything for about two months.

Workouts: Just walking.

Maternity Clothes: Definitely.

Stretch Marks: None

Sleep: As the summer gets into full swing, it’s harder for me to sleep, but that’s because I don’t like to sleep when it’s hot around me.  But I’m not too exhausted, so I’m getting some good rest in there.

Gender: Sweet baby girl

Movement: All the time – more rolls than anything.  The other morning T was laying with her head on my stomach and she got kicked a few times – it begins already 😉

Labor signs: Daily BH.  But still nothing timeable.

What I miss: Still carbs.  Not too much longer!

Symptoms: My feet have started minorly swelling, but elevation fixes that and my OB isn’t concerned.  Hooray for a summer pregnancy 🙂

Nursery: Pretty much complete.  I whipped up some curtain tiebacks last week and have those up.  I want to make a couple of pillows for decor, but it’s not high on my priority list.  Since she’ll be in our room for the first couple of weeks or so, I bought some fabric to make pack and play sheets since we only have one.  That fabric is washed and ready to go, just need to cut and sew!  The only other major thing that needs to happen is getting the bottles out and sterilized, not to mention finding a place to put them.  I also ordered my free pump (thanks United Healthcare!) so that will be ordered on the 25th.

Belly button, in or out: Flat, with a little, itty bitty bit poking out.  Will I go outtie this time??

Wedding rings, on or off: On

Mood: Since it’s getting a little harder to move around, I’ve been more irritable (oh yeah, and hotter, but still raining).  I realized earlier this week that I don’t know what being active this far along in a pregnancy feels like since I was on bedrest starting at 32 weeks with T.

Best moment this week: Having S come back.  I don’t like it when he’s gone.  And the fact that I’m not on bedrest!!

Looking forward to: A fun weekend of friends!  T has a birthday party on Saturday, then an adult party on Saturday night followed by an adult/kid party on Sunday.  I like busy, but not stressfully busy, weekends!


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