Baby M Number 2: 33 weeks

One more week down.  I can’t shake the ticking time bomb feeling, and I don’t think my OBs can either.  My BP has been rising and so I go back today instead of next week for another appointment.  I’m sitting here with essential oils and spa music in an attempt to stay calm.  No time for bed rest with a very active 3 year old 🙂

First things first, this past weekend we had maternity family photos taken.  I saw a photoshoot on Pinterest that I fell in love with, so we did our best to find a scene that was similar.  Luckily (I say that – but with it bring it’s own unique set of challenges) this spring has been so rainy it was pretty easy to find – gorgeous tall grasses and green, green trees.  Just up the street from us was a lot that is up for auction so we went and took some photos.  I don’t have the official ones yet, but S snapped a couple, and I can’t wait to see them!!

20150530_184050 20150530_185044

I also finished the nursery curtains this week!  They are everything I dreamed they would be!  After having them up for a few days I realize I need to make some tiebacks because I made the rod pockets a little tight, but that will be pretty easy I think.


Pure excitement and pride on my face!



There they are – in all of their glory!  And they do a fantastic job of blocking out light.  More nursery to come later – we’re still organizing and getting things ready and I don’t want to reveal it all until it’s ready for baby girl.

Ok, onto week 33.


Top: Lularoe Irma blouse; Neckace: Premier Design


How far along? 33 weeks

Baby size: A head of cauliflower, and about 17-19 inches in length and 4 lbs

Weight gain: Haven’t gained anything for about a month and a half now.  But I know she’s growing.

Workouts: Just walking.

Maternity Clothes: Definitely.

Stretch Marks: None

Sleep: Still having a hard time falling asleep and I’m still getting up early.  But it’s ok – all preparation for what’s to come.

Gender: Sweet baby girl

Movement: All the time.  She keeps acting like she’s going to pop out of my side, so that’s pretty interesting 🙂  She also likes to move up and press on my lungs and it sort of takes my breath away.  Or maybe that’s the BH.  I don’t know.

Labor signs: Daily BH.  But still nothing timeable.

What I miss: Still carbs.  What I wouldn’t give for a big bowl of pasta followed by some ice cream. Or a donut.  It is National Donut Day and all.

Symptoms: Well, my BP has been steadily climbing (but still in normal range). It’s a little scary to think about bedrest with a very active 3 year old, but I have to remember that by this point with her, I had already been on bedrest for a week. I feel great, swelling is minimal (I have very slight swelling in my left foot in the evenings that’s alleviated by elevation – don’t worry, I’ll be mentioning it today), and my proteins are on par with where they were with T as well.

Nursery: Almost done!  Crib set up, curtains up, clothes washed and in drawers or on hangers, shelves installed in the closet.  Misc. junk that we hid in the closet has been relocated into the basement, just need to figure out how to store a few of T’s toys that we don’t want to get rid of yet (like this little dragon ball pit thing – I think that will be used again).  We went to Target yesterday to pick up some registry purchases (technically a registry, but mostly storage things – hangers, trashcans, laundry basket).  So those are all squared away now too.

Belly button, in or out: In, but flat

Wedding rings, on or off: On

Mood: I’ve been less likely to hold it in this week, but it’s been my way of letting stress out.  But most of the time, I feel calm.

Best moment this week: Having my family in town.  It’s been really nice to get some things done that take a whole lot longer with T running around.  Getting those curtains up was definitely my proudest moment in awhile.  I also got to watch my little girl rock Bible School.  I came in to meet them one afternoon and she was dancing and singing in the backseat.

Looking forward to: 33 week appointment in a few hours, and S coming home.  He went off to Finland on Monday for work, but I’m ready for him to be back with us.

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