Baby M Number 2: Week 28

Hello 3rd tri!!  I can’t believe there’s only a few weeks left (and I say few with a reason… more to come on that).  I feel like we just found out we were pregnant, but at the same time I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever.  I’m trying to enjoy it, as I’m pretty sure this will be our last (again, more to come).   Anyway…


Top and pants: Motherhood Maternity; Necklace: Premier Design

How far along? 28 weeks
Baby size: A coconut! About 16 inches in length, and about two to two and a half pounds in weight!
Weight gain: Up about 12-13 lbs from my first appointment.
Workouts: Walking more
Maternity Clothes: Definitely.
Stretch Marks: Nothing.  But I have a ton of little red dots all over my stomach.  Just a fun family trait
Sleep: Pretty good!  I know I turn from side to side quite a few times during the night, but I’m not getting up (usually) to go to the bathroom or anything.
Gender: Sweet baby girl
Movement: Girl doesn’t stop from about 5:30 am until after dinner.  But I’m enjoying it.  Although, couple that with her sister’s motor mouth and something’s always moving in our house 😉
Food cravings: Still on the sweet stuff. But now, I have a fun diagnosis of gestational diabetes (very easily controlled with diet – which I needed to be doing anyway)
Aversions: None
Labor signs: Braxton Hicks have been picking up but not regular at all usually.
What I miss: Nothing really.
Symptoms: Where do I begin.  Although, I don’t know if these are actually symptoms?  Anyway, here goes.

At about 32 weeks pregnant with T, I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia.  Well, it turns out that I actually have an underlying kidney disease that progresses like pre-eclampsia in pregnancy.  IgA Nephropathy to be exact (suspected… at this point I’m very early stage and low risk to progress.  If progression occurs we’ll biopsy to make sure).  We found it about a year after T was born when I tried to get a supplemental life insurance policy.  My nephrologist gave us the green light to try for a second baby, knowing that things will not be normal during a pregnancy.  So my morning sickness ended around 22-24 weeks, I had 3-4 weeks of enjoying the pregnancy (we even went to Las Vegas for a quick “babymoon” if you will) before the typical 3rd tri testing started and my additional testing.  Lab work has started coming in and my kidneys are hanging in there, but there’s definitely a big difference between what was going on at 8 weeks and now.  While I’m not considered pre-eclamptic yet (my BP is fantastic as far as I know), I’m still being cautious about when it could turn that way.  Other than high protein, I don’t have any other symptoms… no swelling, normal BP, no headaches, no flashers or floaters in my vision (more than normal… I have a large number of floaters), or flank pain.  So, I’m taking mini goals.  First goal: Carry this baby through May.  Ultimate goal: 35 weeks. That’s June 20.  Everyone chant with me… you’ve got this kidneys!  Give that baby girl time to grow!

Nursery: Nursery is painted!  I bought a crib skirt from my awesome friend Rachel with ModFox, and it will be custom with fabric I chose.  I’m going to attempt to make curtains when the fabric comes in, as well as a crib sheet.  If I’m put on bedrest this time, I’ll have time to do it.  Here’s the fabric scheme I’m putting together to go with the artwork I bought from Sarah Jane Studios.


Dot fabric – crib skirt. Herringbone (to be paired also with a solid coral for the bottom) – curtain. Yellow ikat – crib sheet.

Belly button, in or out: In, but pretty flat.
Wedding rings, on or off: On
Mood: This week has been hard with all of my test results coming back.
Best moment this week: The photo S took of T and I last night (see below).  He was watching the draft and she and I were working on a sticker activity book.  While I see flaws in the photo of myself, I’m forcing myself to focus on this sweet image of me and my first baby girl.
Looking forward to: A nice warm weekend.  We have a yard sale, a church event, and a birthday party for T to attend.  And my 28 week appointment on Tuesday – I’m ready to discuss a game plan with my OB!



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