Baby M number 2: Weeks 24 and 25 / Easter

Another two weeks down in pregnancy land – and as the final trimester comes into focus, so has the nesting!  All I want to do is throw away things!  Hopefully I can get to that some this weekend, and get some spinach, arugula, and carrots into the ground.  Oh the homegrown goodness – I can’t wait!


Top: Old Navy. Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft. Pants: Gap. Bracelet: Zappy Dots. Necklace: Premier Design


How far along? 25 weeks
Baby size: According to my Ovia App, a corn on the cob/grapefruit. About 11 inches in length, and pound to a pound a quarter in weight!
Weight gain: Up about 10 lbs from my first appointment.
Workouts: Walking more
Maternity Clothes: Definitely.
Stretch Marks: Nothing additional that I can see.
Sleep: Pretty good, although getting comfortable at the start is getting harder.  But once I’m asleep, I’m asleep.
Gender: Confirmed girl again 🙂
Movement: Yes, and all over!  She’s been rolling and flipping.  At our recent u/s, she was head down and sunny side up.
Food cravings: Still on the sweet stuff. And after a significant weight gain this last month, I need to stop it 🙁
Aversions: None
Labor signs: None
What I miss: Nothing really.
Symptoms: There’s a fine line between full and too full after I eat, and I haven’t quite figured it out yet.  So I have to be extra careful.
Nursery: Still no progress.  Hopefully next weekend we’ll get the room painted while my mom’s in town since I have the color picked out.
Belly button, in or out: In.
Wedding rings, on or off: On
Mood: I have some swings, but it is what it is.
Best moment this week: Easter, and checking in on baby girl.  I’m also excited that my placenta previa has resolved and that she looks perfect on u/s.
Looking forward to: A trip away with S next week!  My mom’s coming in to be with T.  A couple of days away is just what the doctor ordered before we enter the home stretch!


Speaking of it having been Easter, we had a great time.  Let me tell you, 3 is a fantastic age for holidays because they seem to understand more of what’s going on.  We had a great time putting things around for her to find across the house, spending the morning with our church family, and the afternoon/evening with our good friends.  That’s the most important thing for holidays – spending it with those you love!




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