Revealing a baby’s sex – from across the miles

While I’d love to think that all of our friends would be excited about a gender reveal party, I know that’s not likely the case.  Our family, however, is very excited to hear the news!


(ok, ok – our friends are excited too, but nothing that we need to throw a party for)


When we were expecting T, I set up deliveries with local florists a few days before, and S called them both and told them which of the two we’d need to send.  It was exciting and they had no idea the flowers were coming!


This time around, I wanted to do something different, but I couldn’t figure out what to do that wouldn’t have us wait for up to a week or cost a ton (this still wasn’t a super cheap option, but if you’re better with a sewing machine than I am, it could be done much cheaper!).  So after doing some research and chatting with my friend Amy, I decided to make two boxes and mail them ahead of time, one containing a bowtie and the other containing a hairbow.  Then, once we know, we’ll tell them which box to open.  And besides, who doesn’t like opening presents?


All in all, the project cost around $75 to send to both of our families.  The mailer, two boxes and box stuffing all came from The Container Store and cost about $17.  I had the tissue paper that I used to wrap up the gifts, as well as the jute string and tags.


I whipped up the little signs to go in there, just in case they didn’t understand what we were getting at.  I saw the cards from a Facebook post recently and I thought they were adorable (not to mention quick to make).



I ordered the headbands from Little Roo’s Boutique and the bowties from Toma’s Tutu and Things (By the way, Little Roo’s is my go to for headbands – so so cute!), for a total of just over $40.  I figure which ever isn’t used, we can give to other friends who are expecting!  Each box was around $6 to ship – I wanted to be able to track it and get there quickly, so they went Priority Mail.


I even got T in on the action – and despite her look, she’s actually really excited to find out if she’ll have a little brother or sister!

IMG_1527-Cropped   IMG_1526-Cropped

We’re very excited to find out what this kiddo is – and we’re down to less than a week before we find out!

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