Baby M Number 2: Weeks 21/22

You know those weeks that are blurs because you got knocked on your butt with an awful, awful cold (or something else – I’m not entirely sure)?  That would be what I just went through.  Shew was it tough.  Thankfully this was the first actual illness I’ve had all winter, so I’m so very lucky (S was the one who rolled the stomach bug dice when T got it back in December).


Anyway, I can’t believe two more weeks of this pregnancy have gone by.  It feels so slow, but looking back, I’m already 22 weeks (ok, tomorrow. But close enough).


Here is 21/22 week bump:


Top: Motherhood Maternity. Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft. Pants: Gap Maternity cropped pants Earrings: Premier Design


How far along? 22 weeks

Baby size: According to my Ovia App, a baby bok choy (but about to change!).  About 11 inches in length, and pound in weight!

Weight gain: Still holding steady around 6 lbs.  I know this week I’ve been eating less due to said cold, so I might be down a little.

Workouts: Still nothing.  With the nice weather coming up this weekend, I’m excited to spend sometime outdoors.

Maternity Clothes: Definitely.

Stretch Marks: Nothing additional that I can see.

Sleep: Sleep related to pregnancy – not a problem.  Sleep related to cold – a whole different story.

Gender: It’s… a….

IMG_1526-Cropped  20150310_093224

GIRL!  Very excited to add a sweet girl to our family!  And T is very excited to meet her – she can’t stop talking about her!  The reveal boxes went over really well too!  I wish I had pictures of their faces, but their emotional phone calls were even more than I could have hoped for.  Everyone is excited!

Movement: Definitely now.  She went from very little to a lot and being able to feel it externally almost over night.

Food cravings: I want everything sweet now.  Especially milkshakes.  But I can keep the cravings at bay.

Aversions: None

Labor signs: None

What I miss: Nothing really.  Last time I said a good beer, but I’ll admit I’ve had a couple of half glasses and it makes me happy.

Symptoms: With this cold and all the coughing I’ve been doing, I’ve had a couple instances of (so embarrassing to admit) leakage.  Guess I need to do more kegels.  Round ligament pain has also been continuing with the coughing.  I also have placenta previa (meaning my placenta is too close to my cervix) so we go back in early April to be re-imaged to see if it’s moved (and to get a couple of additional photos since baby girl wouldn’t wake up!)

Nursery: Curtains are in!  I started a very small registry to keep track of other things (crib sheets), but the needs are still the same: paint and curtain rods.

Belly button, in or out: In.

Wedding rings, on or off: On

Mood: Exhausted and cranky from lack of sleep.  But it seems to be getting better.

Best moment this week: This week has been hard to see the good things since I’ve felt rough.  However, this morning, T was laying in bed and I was telling her how much I love her.  She grabbed my chin and said “I love you too, munchkin”.  The things this girl says sometimes.

Looking forward to: A beautiful weekend.  And feeling 100% again 🙂  The latter will come.


  1. Auntie Jenn says:

    this girl is excited too! Love my mackaro family❤️

  2. Gigi Judy says:

    Love reading all about what is happening in your life. Tori has such a way with words.! We all love you munchkin!!

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