Tori-ism… Up top gummies

I have a really good daughter.  She listens pretty well, she’s generally well behaved (I mean, come on, she’s 2.5).  And sometimes, the funniest things come out of her mouth.

Like today’s exchange as I leave for work.

My parents are visiting for a few days during their cross-country and back trip.  When they visit, they take care of the morning routine, so that we can get ready. I should also mention that we’re deep in the throws of potty-training – she’s definitely day-trained, and we’re working on nights and #2s.

So when I came down the stairs this morning, Tori and my mom were playing.  Tori, ever so sweetly tells me, “Bye mom!  Have a good day at work!”

Hmm.  That’s not normal.

Turning around to face her Nana, “Now, can I have up top gummies?”  Up top gummies are the little containers of gummy creatures that Scott’s dad brought on a visit when Harry and David were having a sale.  She saw them once and will get one, maybe two occasionally.

Ahhh… there it is.

“Tori, when you go #2 on the potty, then you can have an up top gummy”.

It’s about this time I notice my mom starting to sink into the couch.

“Nana, can I have an up top gummy?”

“Tori,” she turns to me, “when did Nana tell you you could have an up top gummy?”

“I don’t know”, turning away from me because she knows the answer but doesn’t want to say it.

“Tori, when did Nana tell you you could have an up top gummy?”

“I don’t know.”

My mom is a part of the couch.

“Tori, Nana won’t be in trouble.  Just tell me when Nana said you could have an up top gummy”

“When you leave for work.  So, bye momma!”

This girl, and her sweet tooth, kill me.


Tori, August


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