July 4th Mantel

I majorly slacked off on my Spring decor.  I had a really cute setup for Easter and it stayed, until, well… yesterday.  When  realized that we’re hosting a 4th of  July gathering and I have Easter Eggs adorning my mantel.  No big deal.  I’m armed with a silhouette and pinterest, so I’m set.

I love the look of coordinating interest pieces, and I saw this pin from Landee See, Landee Do and I had my inspiration

The quick and easy thing to do?  Look around at what I have left over from Christmas and see what I can repurpose.  I found my chevron fabric covered canvas that I used to display a moss letter at a craft fair I did during the holidays.  Then I scoured pinterest for printables, and found 4 that are perfect – two are on my mantel, two are on my entryway table.


The America printable, also from Landee See, Landee Do, on the left can be found here and the Pledge of Allegiance printable, from On Sutton Place, is found here. The fabric covered canvas is really easy to do – and cheap – and you can do whatever you’d like.  It’s also perfect to cover up botched art work (I would know NOTHING about that ;)).  The framed stars are actually a scrapbook sheet from Hobby Lobby that I was going to use for firecrackers, but I needed more blue.  And the board was something I had left over from my Valentine’s mantel, so I added a quick coat of paint to the back, cut out some vinyl words and there you have it.  Dual purpose decor… easy and cheap!!  The bunting is actually a Disney bunting, but I didn’t print the characters out, and I used some hot glue to attach them to the string.

Oh, and that pitcher filled with wheat?  I ran across the street to the open space and grabbed some, thanks to my hubby’s smart suggestion.

I also needed to update the entry table, since it too had a cute little bunny, eggs and two bunny silhouettes.

The firecrackers I found in a magazine, and I bought paper last week from Hobby Lobby to cover them with.  The little tops aren’t as pointy as they could’ve been, but hey, they work.  I had been saving toilet paper rolls for months just for this project and used kebob skewers to have them come shooting out of the cute little box I found at Hobby Lobby.  I found some foam in the basement and used some moss to cover it up, and voila!  If I find some extra time before Friday I might add some curling ribbon to the bottom of them.


The last bit are those two printables that I also found on pinterest.



The printable on the left is from 32 Turns and you can find it here, and the one on the left is from Five Birds Crafts, found here.

I’m also finishing up a primitive rag wreath (but, of course I ran out of fabric and the fabric is exclusive to Hobby Lobby, which is closed on Sunday) and I want to put a bucket of flags on the front porch.  I also have 3D stars I made that I’ll put into bunting form to hang behind our food table, and I can reuse the tablecloth and runners from Tori’s 2nd birthday party, since I did traditional France colors for the party.



  1. Thanks for featuring my printable…it looks great on your mantel! Happy 4th and stay safe!

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