Fall party – complete with free printables!

A few months ago I was approached by our church to take on the roll of planning gatherings for our young adults (and families).  With winter very rapidly approaching CO, I hoped that our weather would hold off for us to be able to enjoy an evening outside and celebrate the beautiful season with fun and fellowship.

Since I just love planning parties, I quickly went into “the mode” – looking at Pinterest for game ideas and making daily trips to Hobby Lobby for whatever new supply I needed.  A few banners, buntings and game ideas later, it all came together beautifully, and everyone had a great time – from the infants to the adults!

First – the decor.  The little leaf bunting was super easy to do – just use leaf die-cuts (there were also acorns and pumpkins, but I didn’t grab a photo of those) or cut them with a machine, poke little holes and string along with cord, twine or ribbon.  You can do them anyway – sideways like I showed, or even vertical (you can get a small glimpse of them in the Happy Fall Y’all banner photo).

I found quite a few games that were Halloween themed, and I just modified them to be fall instead of Halloween.  I whipped up some signs to go along with them (which are a combination of freebie and bought items from Kelly Jane Creative (who you should definitely check out on Etsy and Facebook) and free clipart that I found on the web)…

Acorn Toss – toss the number of acorns into the corresponding bucket

Squirrel’s Soup – Use a straw to move the ingredients from the table to the bowl
Take a broom and roll the pumpkin from the starting line, to cones, and back again

Gourd Bowling – use a pumpkin to knock down the gourds

 And what would games be without prizes?

The Cornucopia – AKA the good stuff

As a fun bonus, I’m giving these game signs away for free!  You can download them by clicking on the following links:

Acorn Toss       Cornucopia        Gourd Bowling        Pumpkin Race       Squirrel’s Soup
If you use them – please send me a photo using either the mail link up at the top of the page or on my Facebook page – I LOVE seeing what I make in action!

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