This week, I turned on live streaming video from Oklahoma City when a friend on Facebook mentioned tornado warnings.  I watched as a tornado formed, wedged, and headed straight toward Moore, OK.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing – it was nature in it’s all of its fury.  And I was glued to that live stream.  Little did I know I was watching history unfold.

As I continued to watch, I saw the storm move east and the funnel lift, going from full EF-5 strength to nothing in mere minutes.  And then, the images began coming in.  I saw the neighborhoods flattened, as the news guys in the choppers were seeing it.  I heard them choke back tears as they looked at schools and businesses that were no longer there.

I felt helpless.

As always, with these types of things, I wanted to get my car and go help.  Search for victims.  Help others sort through the rubble to find some memory of life before.

And then I found out a friend of mine has a friend who lost it all.

This is Abby (kneeling).  She lives with her parents in Moore.  While her parents were in Mexico celebrating another year of her mom being cancer-free, the tornado hit.  

And that’s all that’s left.

So I’m hosting an auction on my Facebook Page to benefit this family.  I’m in the early stages, so right now I’m looking for vendors who are willing to give their items.  These items will then be bid on, and all money raised will go to benefit this family.  If you can contribute anything, please fill out this form.  When you’re finished, you’ll see an email address where you need to send me a photo of the item you’re going to offer.

For you shoppers, I’m hoping to get the auction up on June 3.  So stay tuned for that!

And… All of the money I take in will go to this family.  Nothing off the top.  Just all the money, to them.

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