15 months

I can’t believe our sweet girl is 15 months!  Time has not yet slowed down, and I have a sneaking suspicion is has no plan to do so.

What’s new around here…

Well, she knows almost all of her body parts.  It is the cutest thing.  We ask her where her eyes or ears or *insert part here* and she can point to it.  Eyes are her favorite.  She loves to stick her finger in them too, which includes putting her finger behind my glasses and poking me.  It’s too cute.
She also knows a ton of animal sounds (thank you Little People Zoo Talkers!).  We’re working on a video where she’s retrieving the animals and telling us what they say too – I’ll be sure to post it when it’s done!

She loves to sit in her chair (hello, $5 Walmart chair and corresponding $5 Walmart table – can you say steal?!) and eat her breakfast or snacks.  She will get her little plate that a wonderful friend sent her for Easter, sign more and run back to move her chair to beside the table.  Her favorite snack is cheese and crackers (girl after my own heart).

She also loves being outside.  Like, screaming when we take her back inside, love.  And, little daredevil, she likes to slide down the slides headfirst.  And the squeals of enjoyment are nonstop.

She also loves taking walks and riding in her little car that her aunt sent her for her birthday.

She loves on baby dolls and stuffed animals, is learning her friends names and knows how to say “Love You”.  Melts my heart.  Every. Time.

So, as you can tell… though she be but little (18 lbs, 9 oz.  29 3/4 tall), she is fierce!


  1. She is amazing of course! I’m her Nana!

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