A day in ONEderland: Food!

When setting the time, I realized we were going to need to provide some sort of sustenance in addition to the typical birthday party staple of cake.  With the tea party theme, the menu sort of set itself.  I scoured pinterest and google for different menu ideas, and pulled from all sorts of places.  We also did a combination of home made and store bought – all of which got great reviews.

The menu:

  • Cucumber, cream cheese and dill sandwiches
  • Peanut butter and raspberry sandwiches
  • Ham and gruyere sandwiches
  • Turkey and gouda sandwiches
  • Blueberry scones
  • Lemon bars
  • Vanilla macaroons
  • Salted chocolate macaroons
  • French vanilla Pirouette
  • Vanilla cupcakes

All sandwiches were made by Scott, his mom and my dad while my mom and I were decorating.  And beware – you’ll need quite a lot of bread!  We had maybe 30 people at the party, and the three loaves of bread I bought definitely didn’t cut it.  I also made the lemon bars.  While they didn’t look the best (especially the outer edges), they did taste quite good!  The blueberry scones were store bought, and they were perfect little additions to the tea party.

I splurged, price wise, on the macaroons. They came from Tee & Cakes in Boulder (who also provided a gluten free cookie and cupcake for a special party goer who has Celiac’s), and were worth every. single. penny. (I personally liked the salted chocolate the best – but the vanillas got rave reviews).  I should’ve bought more.

To even out the money I spent on macaroons, I went cheap on the cupcakes and smash cake.  They looked so good, and no one knew the difference.  The smash cake was a plain yellow cake with ivory icing from Walmart.  I didn’t see the need to spend a lot of money on something that was going to be smashed up – especially since I wanted to put a teacup on top.  The cupcakes I also bought from Walmart, but they are a brand of cupcake that gets ordered in: Kimberley’s Bakeshoppe.  Surprisingly good to have come from a big chain like that. (Here’s another review of them).  Not to mention how great the price is.  $3.45 for a 4 pack. The places I usually buy cupcakes from run around that for one.  I put them in little cups to take away from the plain bakecup.

I decided to do edible favors as well – because I knew they’d go over better than most other favor ideas I had for this age.  I was referred by a friend to TS Cookies on Etsy.  She was wonderful to work with, and the cookies arrived in beautiful condition – and matched perfectly.  Not to mention they tasted fantastic.  While she had done cookies like mine in the past, she worked with me to match my colors, and provided ideas of ways to make them even better.  I highly recommend her for any cookie needs!

And finally, what tea party is complete without a tea bar?  I bought a couple of variety packs of tea as well as anything people could think of to go along… cream, honey, lemons, sugar.  And a coworker lent me around a dozen mis-matched teacups.  Just perfect.

Even some of our young attendees loved all that this little tea party had to offer!

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