Half way there

I cannot believe that my beautiful little girl has gone from this:

To this:

It’s amazing how quickly six months can go!

In the past six months, she has:

  • Started at day care, and loved it
  • Slept through the night, then didn’t, then did it again
  • Held her head up
  • Rolled over
  • Flown to the east coast twice
  • Sat up
  • Stood up putting weight on her legs
  • Pulled herself up
  • Started solid foods
  • Scoots around (even if it is on her face)
  • Watches the cats and squeals with excitement to see them
  • Smiles and laughs because of things we do
  • Gets excited to see us
  • Reaches for us to pick her up
  • Survived a week away from her momma

It’s amazing to see the changes in her on an almost daily basis. She’s not too far away from crawling – which scares Scott and I!  

Last weekend I took some six month shots of her – and some of them turned out wonderfully!  I can’t wait to share those with you!

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