My new look

Finally – only over a month and a half overdue!

Deadlines at work, travel, and visitors have resulted in time flying by.  And, I have a 5 month old?  Whoa.
In the past two months, we traveled twice and had Tori baptized.  Since I’m not sure what the first birthday party situation will be (we’re so far from home and her birthday is 3 weeks after Christmas), I went all out.  Thanks to a friend from college, I have some pictures to show off (and thanks to her for the picture of me and my babydoll in my new header).  Those are coming soon (I know… I need to prove it!)
But I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things, and having to figure out this new blogger set up – it’s not nearly as easy to edit my template as I hoped it would be.
For now, I’ve dropped the site down a bit – removed links to pages I’m not contributing to at the moment and removed other links at the bottom that have broken.  I’ve been debating starting my Etsy shop up again, and now that I have a fun subject, I’m looking forward to joining back in photography challenges.  Plus, update family and friends on what’s going on in our life.

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