Father’s Day

This year’s Father’s Day brings a whole new meaning for me… not only is it the day I celebrate my dad, but it’s now a day I help Tori celebrate her dad.

I’ve slacked off a bit on Scott’s present, but I knew after I saw it on pinterest that I wanted to do something fun.  So on Thursday of this week, I headed over to Michael’s and picked up some letters to use as photo props.  I painted them a dark charcoal grey, let them dry, and headed outside with Tori.

Our neighborhood has these walkthroughs managed by the HOA that has benches.  Now that Tori can sit up (albeit assisted), I knew one of those benches would be perfect!  I sat her up, gave her a letter, and started snapping away.  While she didn’t smile, I think it captures her serious side – she is so attentive!

Here’s the final result:

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