Famous words of the Blues Brothers

Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’, keep those babies rollin’… ok, ok, so not exactly the words of the Blues Brothers from Rawhide, but close enough.

Last weekend, Tori gave Scott the best Father’s Day present he could ask for at her age… her first roll over!

She had been working on it for almost a week… she’d be so determined to get over but couldn’t figure out what to do with her arm.  Unfortunately, we missed the first one, because I was working on the computer and so was Scott.  When I looked up and saw her back up when I clearly did not leave her that way, we were so excited!  The weird thing is that she will not roll from belly to back.  She did it a couple of times before her 4 month checkup back in May, but hasn’t since.  So when she gets over, she gets really upset because she can’t get back.

Only a matter of time, babydoll!  Soon you’ll be rolling all over the house!


  1. Danielle Kiaha says:

    Connor has been rolling over for a little bit and he is happy on his tummy for a while then gets made. He also will not go tummy to back just back to tummy. I woke up the other day and looked in the monitor and all I saw was a little butt, I went running into his room and he was asleep sucking is thumb so happy.

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