Christening party

Since Tori was born in January, just 3 weeks after Christmas, I wasn’t sure how many people would be able to attend a birthday party for her (don’t worry – I’ll still be throwing her one!), so I decided to go all out for her Christening.  But by all out, I don’t mean financially.

I started by making my own invitations:

I used vistaprint for them (after searching around for codes and finding the cheapest place).

I’d say that this was when I started looking at pinterest, but I’d be lying.  I pinned a bunch of ideas even before Tori was born for party ideas for her for various occasions – from holiday parties to birthdays or other events.  So I started combining them all and came up with a plan… shabby country chic, with tans, ivories and light pinks.  Mason jars, burlap, and wildflowers were part of the decor.

In order to save money, I asked my mom to ask around and see if any of her friends had some things we could borrow for the event – like mason jars, tents, tables, linens, and a tub for drinks.  Luckily we were able to borrow everything I was looking for, for the cost of a thank you note and postage!

I bought burlap from a fabric store and cut 10 inch table runners out of it.  I placed 5 jars on each table, three with flowers (some I bought for $4.99 a bunch – the white and green button mums – and the others I cut from my mom’s bushes), and the other two with floating candles.

 But was that enough?  Oh no 😉

I bulk ordered tissue paper and cardstock and made my own dot decorations and tissue poms.  The best thing about these poms is that they looked a MESS when I folded them up, but as a friend said, they ended up being forgiving and looked great!

I cut close to 1000 dots in the couple of days prior to the trip, and honestly I could’ve used more.  But I think my mom and sister were thankful I didn’t.  They were troopers in helping me pull everything off – by either watching Tori or helping glue dots together.  Each dangle had 60 dots on each – glued together by hand!  And another good thing, was that as the day wore on, the kids who attended pulled them down and used them as toys – running around the yard waving them wildly! 

While we weren’t looking for gifts, we set up a birdcage just in case – and we received some really sweet cards as well as some books and other gifts to commemorate the occasion.  I also had a good friend from high school make her yummy cake. 

Can I also say that my Cricut machine was a life saver?  I’ve had it for over a year and hadn’t really put it to use until now.  I used it for the dots as well as the banner above the cake/gift table.

We had three tents set up in the backyard (I wish I had taken a photo of it all, or asked for it!), with one hosting the food.  We had BBQ and the fixin’s, tea, lemonade, beer, and wine all set up.  It all came together exactly like I envisioned, and everyone had a great time!  And thanks to my friend Hannah for taking these pictures.

Proud parents and godparents, with our newly baptized girl!


  1. Great Job Jessica!! It really was a fabulous event.

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