Spring cleaning… not the actual cleaning type

Being a working mom is really tough.  I’ve tried many times to write up blog posts, but I don’t have much time when I’m at home because I’m either keeping V occupied and happy, or going to bed because I’m wiped out!  But, I’ve actually seen a nice change recently, so I’m hoping to start blogging more.

I’ve been really taking into consideration what type of mom I want to be –  a type of spring cleaning of myself.  I want to be one that V is proud to have… one that keeps good track of her life and provides a home she’s proud of.  And now that we’ve got 3 months under our belt of learning each other, I think I’m better prepared to do those things.  But none of this would be possible without her help.

And by help I mean… sleep.  The one thing you’re sure you’re going to lose once you have a baby.  When I was on leave, I would nap when she would nap.  This helped to get through the nights.  But at about week 5, when we moved her from our room to her crib in her room, things took a turn for the better.  She started sleeping longer stretches almost immediately.  She’d sleep from about 7/8 pm to 2/3 am.  And since I was going to bed at 8:30 or 9, I was getting 5-6 hours myself.  Talk about a happier person! Not long after she started sleeping until 6, and my life has been amazing since.

So with her help, I’m starting to do a couple things.

  1. Redesign.  I’m going to do a redesign of my home on the web.  I’ve been combing through blogs and getting a feel for what I want my space to look like. It’s nice, but it doesn’t represent my family now.  So I’m working on changing it.
  2. Organization.  I’m trying to get my life in an organized state as much as you can with baby stuff everywhere.  I’ve printed out a few things (like blog planners, weekly planners, cleaning planners) and I’m trying to find a little time to put them all in my filofax (which requires finding out how to punch holes… you’d think this would be easy!)

 Every redesign I’ve done has made me want to blog again, so I’m hoping this will be the case.  And getting organized, well, that’s just needed with everything I have going on.

My goal date, at least for the redesign, is May 1.  So check back then and see what I have going on!

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