The first week

So on our way home from the hospital, we took a quick detour and went to Target.  We got used to a few things at the hospital which we didn’t prepare for and we decided they were must haves for a new baby at home.  Some were things for me to help me cope with my recovery, and others were to make our lives as new parents a little easier.  I’m in the middle of putting together gifts for two of my friends, who are both due with their first in the next couple of months, to help them get through the first few days after birth (I’ll be sure to take photos and provide more info as I get them together and mailed out… I don’t want them to see their gifts on here first… what’s the fun in that :))

Before we even got home, S took one of the swaddle blankets to the house to leave on the floor for the cats to get used to the smell (yes, we took a blanket from the hospital.  Don’t act like this never happens or that we’re bad people).  I don’t think it worked that well, but it’s ok.  Haley is coming to accept V being around… not that she likes it that much.

So we got home in the middle of the afternoon on Monday, and the first night was not fun.  She was still proclaiming “I’m not sleeping unless I’m being held”, and that made S and I extremely tired.  S took the first shift while I got some sleep.  I was on second shift, and after about a half an hour I realized I couldn’t stay awake.  It was then I got the great idea to lay down with her on the floor.  This way she wouldn’t roll anywhere, and I didn’t run the risk of smothering her by falling asleep.  By laying right next to her, we were able to get a good hour and a half of sleep, followed by another two hours of sleep after her feeding at 2-3 am.  I then realized we were going to have to co-sleep… something I didn’t plan on.  But we had to sleep, and if this was how it was going to happen, then so be it.  All bets were off with a premie anyway.

Since then, we had good nights and bad nights.  There’ve been periods of time when she didn’t want to sleep unless she was being held, but it started to get better.  During the first week, her cord fell off, she had her first bath, and had already gained enough weight to surpass her birth weight.  Not to mention I made her pose for newborn photos… both weekly shots (that I hope to continue and get better at taking) and my attempt at some newborn photos (I’ll link those up in a different post – I want to get a few different poses, even though she’s already bigger).

What was even more exciting than all of her milestones that she hit was that we survived the first week, and didn’t kill each other or hurt V.  At the end of the first week, the visitors started arriving – first S’s mom.  It’s been nice to have family around to help out after we got used to having a newborn and all that comes along with it – diaper changes, breastfeeding, and the massive amounts of laundry that comes from cloth diapering.


  1. She’s a beautiful little girl! Congratulations 🙂

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