Photo shoot

I have to preface this by saying V HATES being cold.  The first night we were home, we tried to have her sleep in her pack and play, but she wasn’t having it because it was so cold.  She hates diaper changes because it exposes her.  She hates baths until we put a warm, wet washcloth on her belly (then she’ll fall asleep in the tub – don’t worry… she’s always supported and her head is well above the water).  So when I decided I was going to try to get naked baby pictures of her, I knew I was facing a major challenge.  And naked, asleep baby pictures… the challenge got even tougher.

Let’s just say I failed.

I did, however, get some great shots of her under blankets, and a couple awake naked pictures… but she doesn’t have good faces because I caught her between screams.  Not even a month old and I torture her.

Here are a few teaser shots, the rest you can find on my flickr site.


  1. Beautiful 🙂 I love the outdoor pictures on your flickr with the snow. A beautiful setting, although she must have been unhappy as much as she hates the cold!

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