Growth spurts

Explain why I haven’t been able to update in nearly two weeks.

Right after I wrote the last post, V started her first of many growth spurts.  This included cluster feeding daily in the mornings.  Let me say that cluster feeding has to be one of the most exhausting times you’ll experience as a mom.  I could maybe achieve 10-15 minutes of not holding or feeding baby time before she was fussing to eat again.  I was tired, sore, and frustrated.  I could get a shower if S came home for lunch, otherwise I had to wait until he came home from work.  The house became a mess because I couldn’t take the time to pick up.

But, with that being said – it was a great bonding time for V and I.  I was able to show her that I would be there for her when she needed me during a time of discomfort.  Babies grow the most in the first year of their life, and it has to be uncomfortable.  We’re due for another spurt soon.. and I hope that we’re more prepared for this one.

One of the sad things about this first growth spurt is that she moved from her newborn sized footed sleepers to 0-3 or 3 month ones.  While she only hit 8 pounds recently (at least we think so), she’s very long and her legs just didn’t have enough room.  So she’s back to swimming in her clothes again, with the exception of her legs… her feet are already in the feet of the sleepers!

Also, on Valentine’s Day, V turned 1 month.  While I can’t believe we’ve been through 5 weeks by now, I really couldn’t believe a month went as quickly as it did.  On the days that she was cluster feeding, I couldn’t imagine her ever moving out of that stage.  But time really does go by quickly.

Since a lot of my time right now is spent feeding, I’ve written down a few topics that I want to write about that I came to realize since having V, as well as posts about non-baby things.  Some topics to come: introducing a bottle, cloth diapering a newborn, the must haves for moms right after birth, and pinterest.  I’m hoping to have some time to pre-write the posts so that the time doesn’t slip away again.


  1. post those must haves for a new mom soon! I have done exactly zero as far as looking into this topic 🙂

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