40 weeks have passed

Today is my official due date.  It’s hard to believe that 40 weeks have gone by (technically 36 since we found out we were expecting, but who’s counting).  And instead of still being pregnant like I know I would have been,  we have an almost three and a half week old!

The last two weeks have been surprisingly easy, and I sure hope I’m not jinxing myself by writing that!

At her two week checkup, which was on January 30th, she had gained a good amount of weight (14.5 ounces from the weight she was when we left the hospital), her jaundice was mostly gone, and she was cleared to not be seen again until her two month checkup.  Even from her two week photo I could see some changes:

Her little legs have started to fill out and so have her cheeks.  My mom and dad came to visit during this week, and they were over the moon.  She started rolling onto her side, and prefers to sleep that way at night.  We also gave her a pacifier, which has been nice when we know she’s not hungry but she’s sucking on her hands.  Being in CO, having her suck on her hands could result in pretty chapped and sore hands, so we’re hoping that the pacifier continues to work.

This past Saturday was her 3 week birthday, and we celebrated by taking her to a Super Bowl party on Sunday night.  She was a champ!  She slept through the whole game (and thus all of the commotion) – we think to show off to everyone how calm and mellow she is.  She only cries when she’s cold (so diaper changes are not fun) or hungry.

My dad left during the early part of last week, and my mom left on Sunday morning, so I’ve been flying solo for the last two days.  Yesterday was pretty hard, as I think she’s going through a growth spurt and wanted to do nothing but feed from 9:30 am until after 12:30.  Then we took a nap for 3 hours… totally taking advantage of the “when baby sleeps, you should sleep” advice.  Today has been better, as we’ve already been able to run some errands and are about to run some more.  But with the significance of today, I thought I should write a little something, and write up the last two weeks.


  1. Oh yes, today is the official due date! Can you imagine still having been pregnant up thru today? I can’t believe she’s already 3.5 weeks old, but I know exactly how fast the time goes! Evan turns 6 months on Sunday! I was wondering how you’ve been doing since your mom left…will have to call to catch up soon. Been super busy at work so far this week though.

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