The close of 2011

What a year 2011 has been.  We rang it in with friends and had high expectations for what the year would bring.

We made changes to the house… by redoing the art work in the living room, redesigned both our master bedroom and the guest bedroom, had a paver patio put in on the side of the house, and decluttered the basement by buying more shelves and boxing things up.

We decided to start trying to expand our family in April, and on Memorial Day, we found out our dream of  being parents would come true in February.  I took a big hiatus from the blog, and still haven’t come back fully.

I learned how to work my DSLR camera and Photoshop, even though I still have quite a bit of learning to do (especially with respect to color… most of my pictures come out warm).  But I now have the tools to do all of this, and I know I’ll be taking a ton of pictures of our little girl to get in good practice.  I started using Pinterest and have gleaned so many ideas from the other talented individuals in the world.  Christmas brought to me a new toy… my first sewing machine.

I’ve been working hard to get our nursery ready, and thanks to my in laws and parents, it’s almost finished.

We celebrated our first year in our house, our second wedding anniversary, the third anniversary of our engagement, and our third married Christmas together.  We visited family and friends, changed jobs, and endured complications with my health during the pregnancy.  Our love for each other keeps growing, and we know it will only grow more through 2012.

We’re bringing in 2012 the only way we can this year… from our living room.  We probably won’t make it to New Years here in Mountain Time, but we’re looking forward to celebrating remotely with our family when the clock strikes 12 on the East Coast.

2012 will be a year of new and exciting challenges… the birth of our little girl sometime in the next month, and learning what being parents and partners really means.  We’ll celebrate with quite a few of our family and friends who are either getting married or having little ones of their own.

I hope as the New Year approaches, you take the time to reflect on 2011, and look forward to the new things to come in 2012.  From our house to yours… Happy New Year!


  1. And you and S both got new jobs, that hopefully you’ll love even more than your old ones, so 2011 was a BIG year for you guys I’d say!! 🙂 And yes, ring in the new year from the couch and within another time zone…I hear ya on that! 🙂

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