Bedrest turned into a baby – part 1

So my last post was about how I had been placed on bedrest.  I didn’t explain the reasons, and the severity of the situation, mostly because it was hard to deal with.

I developed pre-eclampsia at 32 weeks.  What this means is that my kidneys and liver had started having problems, and if left undetected could lead to a plethora of problems for me, and then in turn the baby, the further along in the pregnancy you get.  So I was placed on bedrest to keep the problem from progressing.  The weird thing about this diagnosis (and other issues I’ve had this pregnancy) was that I only had one symptom, when generally there are multiple symptoms.  As the weeks of the pregnancy went on, I was thankful for each week I was given, because I didn’t want to have a premie – I would have problems knowing that it was my body that caused problems for our little girl.

The week after the New Year, my lab work came back to almost put  me over the threshold where I would be admitted and immediately induced instead of staying at home.  I started having twice weekly lab work instead, and my numbers dropped again.  By Friday the 13th, I had another day of lab work,  OB visits, and baby monitoring (they hook me up to a machine and listen to the baby’s heartbeat

By 3:30 that afternoon, my lab work hadn’t come back and I assumed no news was good news.  I was waiting on our carpet cleaners to arrive and letting out sighs of relief that I was going to make it to term. But at 4 pm my phone rang, and it was my OB with the news… I had hit severe levels and had to be admitted and induced the following morning.  I called S and told him through the tears that it was time to head to the hospital.  We packed up all of our things and checked in at about 5:15.

I didn’t see the doctor for a couple of hours, so we settled in to the room we would eventually have our little girl.  I cherished every kick, hiccup, and bump, because I knew it would be the last time I would feel her.  The OB came in, started my pre-induction (because I was still only in my 36th week, baby girl was not ready to come), and said she would see us in the morning.

Up next… her birth story!


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