Bedrest goals

I think it’s pretty hard to set resolutions when you know your life is going to change so dramatically in the next month.  But knowing I have at least two more weeks of bed rest, it gives me a chance to plan out what I’ll do with all this free time when I’m not working.

I started a list (whoa – crazy, right?!) so I can cross things off (which reminds me… I need to cross some things off my 101/1001 list).  So here goes:

1. Finish the year scrapbook I started for 2010 (yes, I’m way behind).
2. Start and finish the year scrapbook for 2011
3. Start baby’s first year book, including pregnancy things
4. Blog more
5. Embellish all of the burp clothes we have (like this:

this was my first project with my Christmas present you can see glowing in the background 🙂 Thank you so much S, mom, and dad!!)
6. Make the trash bag for the car (another sewing machine project)
7. Make my husband kit bag for the car (more to come later)
8. Create books out of all of the cards I have for the year
9. Begin the new type of calendar I saw on pinterest

I think that these can keep me busy for the next two-ish weeks, in addition to all of the worky-work stuff I need to get done.  The problem with working at home is that sometimes you’ll drive yourself insane waiting to hear back from people if you don’t have other things to do.  So I made my list last night, and I’m excited to get started on it.  I even have some fun fabrics on their way (adorable fabrics for babies can be found at… it’s where I bought our nursery fabric from).


  1. Wow that’s an impressive list for two weeks in addition to “worky work” stuff! 🙂 Don’t forget in there that you’re also supposed to get some rest too!

  2. Good luck with the bedrest. 🙂 Excited to meet your new addition.

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