In CO, I think fall has left us

In the recent weeks, we went from sunny and 70’s to snowy and 30’s.  Not that I’m really complaining, because being nearly 27 weeks pregnant means I’m hot all of the time.  These hormones are no joke!

The sad thing is that with the cold and snow, I really want to start planning for Christmas – the decorations, the presents, and of course what cards we’re sending out.

Like last year, I decided to participate in Shutterfly’s blogging promotion to receive some free holiday cards.  With the little one on the way, saving a bit of money is always nice.  But even if it wasn’t the case, some of their cards and other items are too cute!  I’m thinking about using one of the photos from our maternity shoot a few weeks ago, set to black and white, on one of their colorful cards.  Or, S will get his way and we’ll do something funny in the next couple of weeks to get the order in soon.

Here are a couple I have my eye on:

With us, there are so many things to celebrate this year, such as the little one being healthy, and new job opportunities for us both.  Or, we could just go with the adorable Cardinal card to feed my bird obsession.

There are so many options for cards, whether you like the flat cards like I do, or the photo cards that are also a big hit!

If you’re not into sending photo Christmas cards, you can also make a photobook as a nice gift (we gave our moms ones after the wedding for Mother’s Day – we got major points for those!), or even put together a calendar of the kids for Grandma and Grandpa.

Be sure to sign up for their email list too – you can get all sorts of promo codes!

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