Nursery progress… part one

When we found out what we were expecting, I started into nursery planning mode.  I guess it’s not hard to imagine that, due to my planning with the guest bedroom and master bedroom updates.  I decided from the beginning to do something relatively neutral, and bring in specific colors later.

My blank slate:

The first thing I did, was find my overall inspiration.  I found this fabric, from, and I was set.

 I ordered it, and sent it off to my aunt who’s making our valences (because, seriously, $70 for a small, tab-top valence is nuts!).
At the beginning of August, my mom came to visit and I took her to take a peek at the furniture that S and I had decided on.  She loved it, so we pulled the trigger, mainly because it was special order and it could take 10 weeks to arrive (mid-November-ish).   We also ordered my glider… an armchair/ottoman combo that was also special order.

The next thing we did was take advantage of The Container Store’s labor day sale, and bought materials to turn the regular closet (which was a shelf and one rod) into something more baby appropriate.  Here’s the after:

 Two weeks later, a friend of ours came over and helped match the paint to the fabric and then he and S painted the room.  With the theme of birds in mind, and still not knowing what the sex of our little one was, I decided to stay neutral and buy a tree with green leaves instead of the adorable ones that were colored either blue or pink.  I ordered it, it came in, and I’ve slowly put it up in phases.
Last night I finally finished it, and am not happy.  It’s not the tree itself… I LOVE the design and largeness of it… but the colors leave a lot to be desired… for the room’s colors I already chose.  Here, take a look:

The lighter green is more like John Deere green, and really does not look right with the fabric.  Not to mention I feel in love with the fabric even more when I created our crib skirt out of it with a little bit of pink.  See what I mean though, about how amazing the tree itself is?

 I hated to do it, but I contacted the seller, and asked about an exchange… changing the tree from light brown, dark green, and green, to dark brown, light brown and pink… something like this quick drawing:

I’m hoping that even though it’s been just over a month, he’ll work with me and my hormonal self.  If not, I guess the price of the two of them still is better than even one of the other art pieces I decided to make instead of buying 2 at $200 a piece.

What do you think about this new change?


  1. I love the trees but I am not too fond of those leaves. Hopefully they will work with you. Love it so far.

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