{SOOC}: Beauty

First: thanks to the three who joined in last week!  I couldn’t pick a winner this week, because I didn’t want to have to choose between the three of you.  But I will pick one this week!  The linky button is now working right, so make sure to include the link on your blog post and encourage your friends to join!

This week’s {SOOC} theme is beauty.  Last weekend, S and I took a trip to Omaha to visit friends and help with their wedding things (like trying on bridesmaid dresses – so fun!).  On the way, we were in the middle of no-where Colorado and the sky was so blue and the landscape was just rolling on for miles… it was beauty in the midst of nothing.

It sort of reminds me of the Window’s desktop background, except I live in a desert and the grass just isn’t that green.

So, you know the rules:

  • The picture must be taken by you!
  • NO EDITING ALLOWED!  You can, however, resize for the internet and put a watermark.  Nothing else!
  • You don’t have to take a new picture for each challenge, but it is encouraged (I know how crazy some weeks can get!)
  • If you’re using a blog, make sure to include the {SOOC} button so others can join in!  If you’re using another source, be sure to include a link to the post in your photo’s description.
  • You have until Sunday night to link up!

Next week’s theme: CALM


  1. I’m just now finding this out! Ah. I need to make a note! If I get the chance today I’ll link up. If not I should be back next Thursday! I love a good SOOC! Great shot.

  2. You have until Sunday to link up – so no worries! Glad you found it!

  3. Oooooh I am excited to see your edit! x

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