So this was way out of the box for me. I usually don’t like my picture being taken because (I think) I am not photogenic. So after seeing a shot from Ashley’s car photoshoot last week, I thought I’d try a few shots while I was waiting to go into a meeting.

I don’t have a remote yet, so this was the best I could do with self-timer.  I also used Coffeeshopblog’s Perfect Portrait 3 action and Pioneer Woman’s B&W beauty action to smooth out my skin a bit.

I think I look so angry!  I wasn’t at all.  Guess I need to work on my happy, but not smiling fully face!



  1. Cute photos!! x

  2. You’re young and gorgeous!

  3. Great shots 😀 I have the same glasses!

  4. Great shots…good for you, I am always scared to try those “selfie” shots. Yours turned out great. I keep laughing about your kind comment…I always think of Forest and Jenny when I hear peas and carrots:) Thanks for the visit.


  5. great photos! i love your eyebrows!!

  6. Love this for the “two” theme. What a great Diptych!

  7. I love the shot- I have the same problem- my hubs says I always look displeased with life- but that isn’t the case. I need to smile more I guess! 🙂

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