Who doesn’t like free*

This morning during my coffee/blog reading time, I saw that Canvas People is giving away a free 8×10 canvas again!  This promotion was going on before Christmas, and I jumped on it!  I upgraded to an 11×14 canvas, and paid only $25 for it (I had to pay about $10 for the canvas, and $15 for shipping!)  Pretty sweet deal, right?

I was hesitant when I bought it originally because I didn’t know what the quality would be like, but it came in and was better than I expected.  And remember that gallery wall I was working on in the master bedroom that was waiting on that lone canvas?  I was able to finished it once the canvas came in (and just realized I forgot to show it off!) and it worked perfectly! *Points to lower right hand corner*

So if you need a free* canvas, or want $50 off a larger canvas, head to Canvas People! Just pay shipping!

And, get excited for the master bedroom reveal coming next week!  New furniture AND decluttering the closet!  Can’t wait!!


  1. Wow, it looks really great. I’ve been thinking about ordering one…

  2. I love how you put the frames on your wall like that, it looks great! I’m so bad with decorating. I never know how to put things in certain places without it looking bad.

  3. @Megan: All I do is see what other people do then put my own twist on things. And, I measure and use computer software to put it all right before I try to put them on the wall. Just keep trying – that’s how I’ve gotten to where I am!

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