Week 12

Mar 20 – How I spend most of my Sundays – in the chair doing homework with Haley asleep at my feet
Mar 21 – I realized as I was going to bed that I had forgotten to take a picture, so I worked with what I had.
Mar 22 – Really windy day
Mar 23 – After seeing so many pictures lately of the Cadbury eggs, I started craving them to actually eat.  But, decided to follow the trend first and take a few pictures.
Mar 24 – After a month or more of deliberating over whether or not to get a new computers, S gave me the go-ahead and I went to Best Buy and got it – a Samsung QX410.  I’m in LOVE.  Seriously.
Mar 25 – Went to dinner to celebrate a friend’s birthday.  This lamppost was right outside of the restaurant.
Mar 26 – At dinner the night before, the dessert came with sugar flowers.  After I had drank my after dinner decaf, I realized how cute the flower would be in a cup of coffee.  So I carefully pulled two of them off and took them home to use in my Saturday morning coffee.


  1. Looks like a wonderful weeks. Love March 21st and March 22nd. Thanks for linking up.

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