Week 10

Mar 6 – My first attempt at my photowalk assignment.  One of the only decent pictures I captured
Mar 7 – What I hope is the last snowy day we see until October (November would be even better!)
Mar 8 – My messy “before” closet
Mar 9 – At the airport – my new bag is perfect (Camera phone picture – sorry for the quality!)
Mar 10 – Pencils at our booth at the NSTA conference
Mar 11 – Reattempting water blur with a waterfall in San Francisco
Mar 12 – Revisited the park and snapped this flower


  1. Oh wow! I love them all. Great job! That bunny is so cute! The waterfall is awesome too!

  2. My favourites are is the snow (A gorgeous shot & delightful for an Aussie who never sees snow!) Closet doesn’t look too messy, though! Enjoying your blog.

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