Tossing around the idea

of hosting a weekly photo challenge. I’ve been tossing the idea around since probably Christmas.

I used to participate in one that was straight out of the camera only, and I really enjoyed it, since I wasn’t that good with editing.  However, the blog that used to host it has decided no longer to do it based on things going on in their life. 
I was thinking about doing something like that – making it the same type of challenge, but a different day, and a different name.  I know there are a ton of photo challenges out there, but I wanted to do one for those who don’t have the time for editing, or are just getting started.  I would love to get a challenge going, but am unsure about if it would go over well, especially since I’m a scientist by day and a photographer when I have the chance.

So for those of you out there who like to take pictures: What do you think? Would you participate?


  1. I would participate!

  2. I would totally participate! I was pretty sad when I found out the SOOC challenge you mentioned is no longer happening the other day. I was looking forward to her starting it up again, too. Bummer!

  3. I would!!! Do it!!! xo

    ps. I have a new account, blog URL….too many issues with my old one so I am starting over!

  4. I might would. 😀

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