San Francisco part 4

So on my last day in San Francisco, I woke up a bit early (hello “Spring forward” and your loss of an hour) to head to Pier 33 to catch the ferry to Alcatraz.  I knew I had to go on my trip, especially since I’m pretty into Ghost Adventures (it’s one of the very few shows that S and I watch on a regular basis) and even though they’ve never been there, I still felt like I’d be on my own Ghost Adventure.

This day trip, by far, was the best thing I did in San Francisco, aside from eating.  The island was a photographer’s paradise.  So many cool things to see.  I don’t have many pictures that I love from inside the cell house that I’m happy with because silly me forgot to change my ISO after going inside.

So without further ado: I caught the 9:30 am ferry over to Alcatraz Island.

Once arriving on the island, I was greeted by the huge guard house – which at one point was military base to protect the US from western intruders.

Fun fact: After Alcatraz closed as a penitentiary, it was home to the American Indians

As I started the walk up to the cell house for the tour, I came upon this really cool building that was built over a tunnel.

The walk then took you past the old officer’s club that was involved in a fire and all that remained was the outer concrete walls.  A little past that was the water tower that held the fresh water for the island.

As I continued along the road, I was completely blown away by the beautiful lilies and other flowers that were growing in abundance on the island,

I’m linking this up with Simplicity’s challenge this week: flowers and leaves.

yet across the way would be a building completely decaying from the harsh conditions on the island

I finally came upon the cell house, which was so ominous looking – large bars on the windows, peeling paint, and missing pieces of concrete.

I took my tour and then headed back to catch the ferry to meet up with S’s coworker for lunch before I had to head to the airport to come home.

Most of these pictures were edited with The Coffeshop Blog’s Butterscotch Vintage action.


  1. Beautiful and vintage type feel to these photos!! Those Calla’s are AMAZING!! xoxo

  2. Your lily photo is stunning and I love your depictions of Alcatraz, my favorite shot being those mossy roof tiles.

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