San Francisco part 3

On Saturday, I worked a full day at the booth until about 3:30, when I ran back to the hotel, changed shoes and prepared to ride the cable car to the crooked street and then back down to catch a bus to Alamo Square (if you don’t know what it is, stay tuned… you’ll quickly see).

I waited outside of the hotel at the cable car stop
and jumped on the Powell-Hyde car.  If you’re a tourist, you should probably be prepared to wait for awhile because most cars are full.  If you’re a single passenger, you usually can squeeze on… the only benefit to having S not with me.
I was one of the “lucky” ones who got to stand on the outside
(without a coat – go me – and at an unflattering angle.  But, you do what you can when you ask others to take a picture of you).
It was about a 10-15 minute trolly ride up crazy steep hills to the street nicknamed “Crookedest St”.  I deboarded, walked down, and stopped at the bottom to take a few pictures before having to walk back up to catch the car coming back.
In the original, there were 10 cars and a handful of people.  Nothing a little creative cropping and cloning couldn’t fix.
I just loved how each street had their name molded into the pavement
After riding the cable car back to Market St, jumping on a bus, then walking a couple blocks, I came up to some steps leading up to the park at Alamo Square.
Walking up and through the park, I turned around, and joined the other photographers getting that famous picnic scene from Full House’s opening (and, I can’t believe that the series filmed from 1987-1995.  Crazy).
I got there at the perfect time because the sun had just set and if I had been any later, I would’ve probably ended up with blurry shots (cursing myself for leaving my tripod adapter at home).
I then met up with a coworker of S (who lives in San Jose) and my friend S for dinner at John’s near Union Square.  It’s where the Maltese Falcon was written (in case you know what that is – I didn’t).  I had some fantastic steamed clams, cioppino, and probably some of the best chardonnay I’ve had so far in my life (I can’t remember the winery, but they make it especially for the restaurant).
Part 4, coming Tuesday, will be my trip to Alcatraz!

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