San Francisco part 2

Today’s installment of the fun pictures I took in San Francisco include my trips to the Golden Gate Bridge (one picture of which you saw here) and Ghiardelli Square.

After I worked the booth, I jumped a bus and headed to the bridge with the determination to walk it in its entirety (there was something about a picture of the bridge with the city in the background that was calling my name).

View from the parking lot where I was dropped off

The view from the first tower… still a ways to go

I didn’t make it fully to the other side – the place I wanted to shoot pictures was up the hill on the other side of the busy highway (and, not to mention the sun was starting to go down).  I had hoped to make it back on Sunday of my trip, but the rain and fog rolled in (and not in a pretty way).  So I turned around and took a few pictures for people on the way back.  The one picture of me with the bridge in the background focused on the bridge, and not me, so I won’t share it.  Made me sad.

I boarded a bus back to the city and got off near Ghiardelli square before meeting my friend for dinner (she was getting over a cold so didn’t want to walk the bridge).

I got to the square at the point where the lights were on, but it was still too light to get a good picture of it.  I did, however, grab an amazing ice cream cone and walked up to the little shops.

Luckily it was shaded just enough to get a decent picture.  I also really loved the mermaid fountain in the square.

I headed then down to Fisherman’s Wharf, where I had an amazing, amazing Ahi Tuna steak at Pier Market down on Pier 39.  Sooooo good.  And what made it even better was the price I paid – in Denver, it would’ve been double (remember that landlocked thing, yeah….)

I totally recommend that place for dinner if you get a chance.  And then head to the square for ice cream after.

Part 3 will be my mini excursions around the city on Friday night.

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