San Francisco part 1

So I’m finally getting around to starting my San Francisco posts.  Maybe my motivation is my new toy

Or maybe it’s just that things are finally slowing down a bit and I can breathe a little.

But anyway, who wants to see pictures of laptops (which there’s more in my Flickr photostream) when you can see beautiful pictures of San Francisco?

So the whole purpose of the trip was to attend the National Science Teacher’s Association conference.  I am not a member, but part of my new project/opportunity involves me working with a lot of teachers, so I was sent to get a better understanding of what teachers need and want to make learning about science fun for their kids.  So I helped man the booth, and while I waited for the exhibit hall to open, I snapped this shot of our SWAG: pencils

And while I spent most of my working time at the booth, I didn’t really take many pictures of the conference.  At least not any that would be worth showing.  But, the walk to the Moscone Center was gorgeous.  Here are a few shots of the walk between the hotel and center – which took me through Union Square and Yerba Buena Gardens.

Pretty Bokeh

Part two will be my trip to the Golden Gate Bridge and Ghiardelli Square.


  1. Gorgeous photos. Can’t wait to see more.

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