Master bedroom reveal

In line with my last post about decluttering my closet, I think it’s time to reveal our updated bedroom.

When we moved in, our room looked like this:

Crazy how grainy this looks compared to my DSLR!!

Not too long after we moved in, I fell in love with a quilt at The Great Indoors and we moved away from this look.  Not to mention, the light brown wood of the furniture just didn’t go with the rest of the room so we searched high and low for a new set.

On a whim one night we went into Scandinavian Design and found it.  Clean lines, dark brown wood, and would fit every space perfectly.  Not to mention, it freed up a ton of space around the bed (the bedframe in the picture took up over a foot and a half of extra space!).  AND, it was made in the USA.  AND it was 20% off because it was made in the USA.  SCORE!

So while I was in San Francisco, the furniture was delivered, and S got everything set up so nice (and sent me pictures along the way so I oohh and ahhh over it).  Our media chest came in damaged, and they put the wrong handles on the big dresser, but they’ll be fixed soon.  So here’s what it looks like:

Notice that little bedside table on the left side? Well, that’s my side of the bed – so cross another thing off the list!!!
That lamp by the was only $25 at Hobby Lobby on sale – Pretty stoked about that steal
What it looks like from the end of the bed.  Before, there was no dresser on the left, just a gaping hole, and our chest on the right was much taller and matched the old bedside table.  And yay clean closet! Oh, and see the different handles?
I got another lamp to sit on the dresser since it’s pretty dark in that corner when there’s not much natural light coming in.  Bella even likes it (points to kitty on dresser). 

The only thing we’re missing is some curtains on the window and putting up a couple pieces of art here and there (if you look closely in one of the pictures, you’ll see where I strategically hid the one piece of art we have to put up).

We LOVE how it has all come together.  It’s just feeding my need for cleaning things up and making our house our home.  I think I’ve officially come down with spring fever!


  1. Looks great! Love it!

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